Team:NEU CHINA/Education


In order to make the development of our project more meaningful to the society, we also conducted science education for students. They are at an important growing stage in their lives, so what they learn will affect how they view and understand the world later in the future. Therefore, we shared some simple virus-related knowledge in elementary and junior high schools and also introduced the knowledge of synthetic biology with high school students.

Our team contacted local elementary and junior high schools, and we taught the different age groups at different levels suitable for their ages. We prepared a beautiful PPT presentation to show them the biology tidbits we shared, which attracted their interest in the content we presented. After a brief learning session, we took them to have a quiz game. By participating in these games, they can gain knowledge while having fun, deepen their impression of what they have learned, and willing to share what they have learned on their own.


We collaborated with LZU and NMU and discussed how to give scientific lectures on synthetic biology and coronaviruses. Then we visited Shenyang No.20 Middle School to give an offline lecture. We started with SARS-CoV-2 and briefly introduced synthetic biology to the students by our own video, and discussed synthetic biology with them. Based on their existing knowledge of high school biology, we told them something about the practical applications of synthetic biology. With our guidance, they thought deep about what we can do through synthetic biology and shared their thoughts of synthetic biology with us. Besides, some of them expressed their willingness to study synthetic biology further when they enter university later.

Sports meeting

At the sports meeting held by our school this year, our team provided the students with small science gifts of our own design and some other exquisite gifts. Our team also drew some posters of exercise knowledge to introduce such things as not exercising vigorously immediately after eating, the need to replenish energy in time after exercise, and not resting immediately after vigorous exercise. Then, we introduced these general knowledge to students from a scientific perspective to help them play sports in a healthier and safer way. With our help, they effectively corrected their bad habits in sports and participated in this sports meeting safely and happily.

Science camp

Our team hosted the school's science camp, which consisted of science lectures, lab visits and melon picking. We guided nearly 50 high school students into the interesting world of biology. First, we prepared a presentation about the SARS-CoV- 2 and introduced them to the structure and infection mechanism of the virus in combination with their knowledge of high school biology. After learning about the virus systematically, they said they could take the initiative to protect themselves and share these scientific knowledge with their families. Then, we led students to visit our laboratory, briefly introduced our experimental instruments, and guided them to conduct some simple operations. Finally, they were led to visit our ecological garden and allowed to pick freely. The students felt the magic of biology after this series of visits and hands-on experience.

Wechat and bilibili Platform

We published original synthetic biology science articles and videos through our WeChat and bilibili platform for interested people to read and watch. The articles introduced the applications of synthetic biology that were relevant to our life in a vivid and interesting way, so that even if people who do not have a basic knowledge of synthetic biology, you can also read the articles and have a simple understanding of synthetic biology. The lively and interesting video also helped many students to accept this subject quickly when they first encountered it, which was well received by many students. It opened up a new way of learning for students interested in synthetic biology.

Scientific society sharing session

Our team received the invitation from the NEU Science Society to conduct an online live sharing session on the bilibili platform to share biology-related knowledge and the iGEM competition with interested students. We started with the familiar SARS-CoV-2 and introduced them to the history, structure of the virus, and its mechanism of action. We then introduced our project this year, Multivirus Detector, and interacted with the students who participated in the live broadcast to discuss our project. After the presentation of the scientific association, some students gave feedback that through this learning, they objectively learned to understand viruses and urged themselves to carry out proper protection from a scientific point of view. Besides, after listening to our presentation of our project, they felt the magic of synthetic biology and wanted to learn more about it.

Freshmen science activity

During the day when freshmen entered the school, our team conducted a science activity for them, showing them around our labs and telling them about synthetic biology. We briefly introduced our project and the iGEM competition to them. The students expressed that they had gained a lot, which gave them a clearer goal for their following study.