Intestinal Flora Simulator


For many patients, they may care about, be confused about, and even doubt about how the engineered Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) are colonized and treated in vivo. Animation is a good way to illustrate the whole treating process in vivo. Thus, to make the drug users understand and trust the working principle of our drug, we developed a tool for computer simulation called Intestinal Flora Simulator.

With this simulator, users can choose dosages, the number of times and intervals of medication to observe engineered LAB colonization and BSH secretion in a small section of intestine. Intestinal Flora Simulator is shown below.

Intestinal Flora Simulator

Fig.1 Intestinal Flora Simulator demonstration

It's our simulator. Try it!

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Slide to Change the Dose:

(min: 10 max: 60)

Choose Disease Severity:

The line chart - Comparison of quantity of engineering LAB and wild-type LAB in the process of taking pills.

The stacked figure - The current total quantity of BSH and the proportion of total BSH provided by each dose.

The Relationship Between Modeling and Intestinal Flora Simulator

The simulator shows and calculates only a section of the small intestine, whereas the LAP adhesion modeling represents the entire environment. There is a close correlation between the two in adhesion parameter and time scale, which is illustrated in the figure below.

Fig.2 Experimental ideas

In the simulator, the adhesion coefficient of LAB will be transformed by statistical method from the adhesion ratio in the model. Besides, the time scale in the simulator is different from the real time, which is obtained by reasonable scaling.

Therefore, Intestinal Flora Simulator is a more detailed, direct, and vivid display of LAP adhesion modeling.

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