Team SZU

Coincidentally, Team SZU's project this year also focuses on the treatment of IBD. After hearing of their project in May, we had maintained close contact with them, and our partnership had been really helpful to us.

Fig.1 The team logo of SZU-China (2021).

In particular, during our wet experiments, we encountered great difficulties in the transformation of L.lactis, getting negative results repeatedly. We tried first to alter our electroporation protocols according to the experience of Team SZU, but unfortunately this still failed to work. We then exchanged our L.lactis strains to carry out a cross-test, in order to figure out what might have gone wrong. With Team SZU's generous assistance, we finally found out that the problem was most likely due to discrepancies between strains and electroporators, and that our L.lactis strain would need to a higher charging voltage to be successfully transformed.

Team THIS-China

We have also been holding regular online discussions with the high-school team THIS-China, on average twice each month. We exchanged opinions over multiple facets of both teams' projects, ranging from basic design to educational practices.

Fig.2 Online meeting with THIS-China

As undergrads, we are better experienced in the development of a project, and are more familiar with video editing and wiki construction. Therefore, we mainly offered our advice concerning the feasibility and practical meaning of their design, and also provided technical assistance for their promotion video and wiki pages.

Fig.3 The team logo of THIS-China (2021)

In turn, since our educational practice this year is oriented towards high school students, Team THIS-China helped us to choose suitable contents, and reminded us about the necessary background information to provide. Indeed, the success of our educational practice largely owes to Team THIS-China's kind help.

Fig.4 THU iGEMer spoke at one of the most famous high schools in China and used the slides that THIS-China had modified.

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