On June 20, our team attended the 2021 North China iGEM Meetup. At this stage, we had just finished our project design and was starting wet lab experiments, so we mainly focused exchanging ideas and initiating deeper collaborations. There, we came to know team THIS-CHINA 2021, with whom we established a tight partnership later on. Check out our Partnership page for more details.

Fig.1 The promotional poster of North China iGEM meetup

On August 26-28, our team attended the 8th Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC8). As we had been steadily moving on with both wet and dry lab designs, we saw this meetup as a great opportunity to share our progress with other iGEMers and seek further improvements. Our presentation at the conference won the best presentation award, ranking 3rd among the 79 teams participating.

Fig.2 Our poster on CCiC8

Cooperating with other teams

We came into contact with the high-school team QHFZ, whose project this year seeks to improve the biosynthesis of Tyrian purple dye. During our discussions over their project design, we brought up the idea of utilizing synthetic biology in the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which greatly inspired them. Also, as their project is closely related to the textile industry, we helped them to contact specialists from the Department of Textile and Art Design of Tsinghua University. Check out Team QHFZ's collaborations page for more details.

Fig.3 Participants of the seminar in Yali.

In addition, we cooperated with team CSU-CHINA in the education programme at Yali Middle School. We designed together a seminar with the hope of making synthetic biology more accessible to high school students. Afterwards, we collected feedback from participants using the questionnaire designed by team CSU-CHINA, and discussed with them how we can further improve our education programmes. Check out our Education page and Team CSU-CHINA's collaborations page for more details.

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