Our modeling contains four parts: Bacterial Adhesion Modeling, Intestinal Flora Simulator, Lateral Flow Modeling and Protein Degradation Modeling.

Bacterial Adhesion Modeling

Bacterial Adhesion Modeling helps us to monitor the colonization time of engineering Lactic acid bacteria (LAB). This model could ensure the engineered LAB has an optimal binding time with small intestine. With it, we can calculate the number of bacteria we need and the amount they would be in and out of the gut.

Intestinal Flora Simulator

Intestinal Flora Simulator is a tool developed mainly with JavaScript to visualize colonization details of L.lactis in intestine. It is a derived program of bacterial adhesion modeling.

Lateral Flow Modeling

Lateral Flow Modeling is an assay model based on antibody-protein binding kinetics. It is designed to detect the labelling RNA using lateral flow device.

Protein Degradation Modeling

Protein Degradation Modeling is a model to analyze protein degradation kinetics of detection proteins to make sure the diagnostic tools we developed can work efficiently in real-world scenarios.

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