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안녕하세요! Hi everyone!

This is Team Korea_HS. Our team is composed of 16 high school students from 9 different secondary institutions and we all come with a passion for Synthetic Biology. By committing to each sector of iGEM to practice Synthetic Biology through a variety of means, we define iGEM 2021 as a “rollercoaster ride” - thrilling, vivid, and memorable. Our journey into Synthetic Biology and iGEM will not end this November as we, Team Korea_HS, will continue our multidisciplinary and collaborative efforts in our respective contexts while envisioning a better world with iGEM. We deeply appreciate the iGEM family for providing us such a worthwhile opportunity to integrate with the world through unconventional means of engineering, collaboration, and contribution.

Team Members

Matthew Lee

Team Leader / Collaboration Team Member

안녕하세요! Hello, I’m Matthew (Seoyun) Lee, a sophomore attending Daegu International School located in Daegu, South Korea. It is my honor to serve as the Team Leader of Korea_HS for iGEM 2021. I am responsible for overall team administration, collaboration & partnership initiatives, integrated human practices & development, education & communication, wet and dry lab organization, and inclusivity initiatives. With great interest in Synthetic Biology, through iGEM, I obtained a unique experience of integrating Synthetic Biology with meaningful connections, education, and involvement. Albeit it was 9 months of a rollercoaster ride and my sincerest gratitude to fellow Korea_HS superheroes, advisors, and instructors, and the entire iGEM family.

Hannah Oh

Team Co-Leader / Human Practices Team Member

Hello everyone! I am Hannah Oh, and I am currently a sophomore at Chadwick International School. Being a part of Korea_HS this year was a truly remarkable experience in that it gave me the opportunity to work with students who share the same passion for synthetic biology. Together, we have overcome unforeseen challenges and strove towards ambitious goals; I am confident that this experience will prove to be fruitful even after the competition. As a member of the Human Practices Team, alongside other groups dedicated to specific goals, I have learned valuable lessons about how to be a proactive, responsible, and most importantly, a supportive team member. Thanks iGEM and my team for allowing me to prosper as a teammate, artist, and aspiring student of STEM!

Ryan Choi

Team Co-Leader / Wiki Team Member

Hi! I’m Youngrok Choi, a junior attending Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul. I love biology and chemistry, and I am absolutely delighted to be able to serve as the Co-Leader of Korea_HS! This is my first time participating in an iGEM competition, but I could tell that it would be a spectacular chance to communicate and collaborate with interesting people from across the globe! I hope to utilise this opportunity to learn more regarding actual lab work and the process and challenges involved in participating in a project with a large group of people. It has been a great experience and source of motivation for me! I hope to take advantage of the skills gained from this competition for my future endeavors in scientific research.

Bojeong Kim

Dry Lab Leader / Collaboration Team Member

Hi Everyone! I am Bojeong Kim, currently a junior at Branksome Hall Asia. It was an honor to work as the dry lab leader. The iGEM competition not only allowed me to become more passionate and knowledgeable about biology and chemistry but also gave me valuable experiences to develop myself as a great cooperator; through iGEM, I learned to be responsible and supportive. Moreover, It was a pleasure for me to gain many great ideas and enthusiasm via collaborations with other international teams with diverse perspectives. Participating in the iGEM competition – obtaining new knowledge through experiments and collaboration meetings – was the most remarkable experience of the year.

Daniel Ham

Collaboration Team Leader

This is Soohyun (Daniel) Ham and I am a junior at Korea International School Jeju. I decided to participate in iGEM to become familiar with synthetic biology and thus expand my knowledge of science. As a Co-Leader of the Collaboration Team of Korea_HS, I am partaking in arranging meetings and building partnerships with other international iGEM teams. Throughout iGEM, I was mesmerized by the effective communication between people from different parts of the world on one topic. So far, our team has had more than ten successful meetings with other teams all from different countries. These experiences not only taught me valuable lessons about synthetic biology but also widened my view of the world.

Karen Ryu

Collaboration Team Leader

Hey everyone! My name is Karen Ryu, and I am currently a senior attending Liberty High School. I am grateful to have served as the Collaboration Team Leader this year, working alongside many driven high school students from across the globe. I loved interacting with iGEMers who have introduced me to the vast array of topics in the field of synthetic biology and have inspired me to impact society through meaningful research and public engagement. Preparing for this project has provided me with invaluable skills whether it be in teamwork or scientific research that I will use in my future endeavors. Despite many activities being held virtually this year, I was amazed by the relentless pursuit of discovery by the iGEM community that will lead to tangible solutions for society.

Chaehyun Lee

Collaboration Team Leader

Hello! I am Chaehyun Lee and I am currently a sophomore at Branksome Hall Asia. It was a great honor acting as a Collaboration Team Leader for Korea_HS. By organizing and connecting international teams and sharing our knowledge of synthetic biology, I have developed myself as an enthusiastic iGEMer and a leader. The iGEM competition gave me a valuable opportunity to deal with the topic of synthetic biology from a broad perspective; I now have a deeper understanding of the subject than before. It was a very meaningful time, sharing an interest in the same field with peers from all different schools. I extend my infinite gratitude to Korea_HS and our Collaboration Team members. See you soon in the wider world!

Andrea Kim

Human Practices Team Leader

Hi, my name is Andrea Kim and I currently attend Dulwich College Seoul as a sophomore. I am honored to be taking on the role of Human Practices Team Leader. Although it is my first year participating in iGEM, I have learned the great responsibilities that come with leadership including organization, commitment, and tolerance. Through numerous collaborations with other iGEM teams around the world, I was able to widen my perspective, and therefore interest, within the field of Synthetic Biology. Working to fulfill all medal criteria, I was exposed to so many new experiences such as working in the wet lab or learning the methods of protein modeling. Though it is a shame that the competition is taking place online, the experience feels equally significant and enjoyable!

Hailey Kim

Human Practices Team Leader

Hello, I am Hailey and I am a senior at Tabor Academy. I am a leader of the Human Practices Team. Although I was overwhelmed at the beginning as this is my first time participating in a competition with such a big group of people, it has been a great experience collaborating with other iGEM teams and learning about their projects. This competition also has allowed me to learn and experience the synthetic biology field in a deeper sense. Besides collaboration, conducting interviews with professionals and doctors specialized in the field related to our project has provided me with new perspectives. I truly appreciate my teammates, advisors, and all other iGEMers for this amazing opportunity and I hope we can inspire others to explore the field of synthetic biology!

Ellie Nam

Human Practices Team Member

Hello everyone! I am Ellie Nam, and I am currently a freshman at Deerfield Academy. I am honored to participate in iGEM 2021 as a member of the Human Practices Team. The 9 months of valuable experiences not only provided me with opportunities of being a supportive and engaged member of the team but also the chance to significantly widen my interest and knowledge in synthetic biology. It is truly wonderful how we as members cooperate with full commitment in times of challenge to reach a common goal: the growth and ultimate success of our team. Though we are unable to travel to Boston and meet our fellow iGEMers in person, I am grateful for our team members, advisors, and instructors who have made the process greatly meaningful. Go Korea_ HS!

Haryeong Eo

Human Practices Team Member

Hi! I am Haryeong Eo, and I currently attend Shanghai American School Puxi as a junior. First of all, I am honored to be a part of Korea_HS 2021! I am also a proud member of the Human Practices Team. Even though it has been a short, solid three months, I think everyone has made unforgettable memories and learned a lot from each other. Since it was my first time joining iGEM, I remember being anxious about whether we can make it through or not, but considering the work we have done so far and the energy and momentum we have, I think we can successfully ace the competition! I am grateful to my teachers for introducing me to iGEM because it helped me become a more active learner and critical thinker.

Joshua Kim

Human Practices Team Member

Hi! My name is Joshua Kim. I am currently a junior at Stony Brook School. I am a member of the Human Practices Team. Before participating in iGEM, I did not know much about biology, especially about CPPs. From iGEM, I learned a lot of useful information about the subject: one of the most interesting pieces of information that I learned is about CPP or cell-penetrating peptides. Recently, CPPs have been used in many ways, such as a potential cure for Covid-19, and here, a cancer therapeutic. While doing the project, I had some initial difficulties learning new material since I had never heard about CPPs before. However, after I understood the material, it was a fun experience.

James Kwon

Wiki Team Leader

Hello everyone. This is James Kwon, a junior at the Peddie School in New Jersey, and I am proud to be a part of this team as a leader of the Wiki Team. Although I did not have any experience in creating or designing a Wiki page (I was unaware of such a thing previously), this iGEM project has been a great experience for me thanks to my instructors and teammates. In preparation for the upcoming jamboree and the final presentation video, I learned how to take responsibility as a leader. Leading the team to meet deadlines and motivating them were not easy but the experience was definitely rewarding. I would have been more excited to participate in the jamboree offline, but overall, it has been a fun ride!

Sean Kim

Wiki Team Leader

Hello Everyone! I am Sean Kim, a junior attending Chadwick International School in Songdo of South Korea. It is an honor to participate in this wonderful competition especially as the leader of the Wiki Team. It is my first experience participating in such an event and I am very excited to learn and to take a step further into becoming a STEM expert. Even though COVID-19 circumstances have prevented us from meeting in person, being able to perform lab experiments and interact with group members with similar interests has been a wonderful opportunity that will never be forgotten. Thank you to both iGEM and our team. I hope we are able to accomplish and learn a lot through this experience. Thanks!

Katie Song

Wiki Team Member

Hello! This is Katie Song, a sophomore attending Saint Paul Preparatory School in South Korea. As a passionate chemistry and biology student, I am honored to have an opportunity to compete in iGEM this year. Throughout the preparation for this contest, I have not only learned about synthetic biology in great depth but also cultivated teamwork and organization skills. Every activity we have done for iGEM, including conducting lab experiments, organizing data, and designing digital products, have further developed my enthusiasm for biology. Though it is unfortunate that the competition has to take place remotely, I am anticipating that the distance will not keep us from having fun sharing our knowledge and interest. Thank you to my team members for this spectacular experience!

Leejeung Han

Wiki Team Member

Hi everyone! My name is Leejeung Han, currently a junior attending North London Collegiate School (NLCS). I appreciate that I have this prodigious opportunity to compete in the iGEM competition and serve as a member of the Wiki Team. Honestly, when I studied biology for my exams through tough online tutorials, I felt that my passion and interest in biology were wavering. However, every step we took for iGEM brought me courage and passion for everything regarding the subject. I will do my best in this competition as it is such a great opportunity. Also, I believe that good results will be waiting for us at the end of this competition. Lastly, I am glad to join this team and I look forward to making precious memories with everyone in this journey.


Professor Woorin Lee


Professor Woo Rin Lee is a visiting professor at University of Suwon Department of Biological Science. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry/Cell Biology from University of California San Diego and Integrated Master’s & Ph.D from Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology. Professor Lee provided us with necessary wet and dry lab equipment. He aspires to find whether our imagination and ideas embrace the entire world, stimulate the process, and give birth to evolution.

Jessica Ho

Primary PI

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Ho, I recently joined Crimson Education Korea and I am honored to serve Team Korea_HS as a PI. As a PI, my responsibility was to manage the administrative tasks and to communicate with the students’ parents. During this pandemic, conducting such a huge project was not easy, especially when members were located in different areas. I am happy to see all the members being united and devoted in order to accomplish their goals, and I am grateful to be a part of this journey.

Jina Bae


Hello :) I am Jina Bae, and I was the team leader of Korea_HS iGEM 2020. This year, I am supporting Korea_HS iGEM 2021 as a team advisor. From my experience with the competition, I have assisted this team in goal setting, understanding the structure of the competition, team role division, and communication. As an advisor, I hope that my support has helped guide Korea_HS to greater success following the team achievements from the prior competition.

Yoonyee Song


Hello! I am Yoonyee Song, and I was the Collaboration Team leader and Wiki Team Co-Leader in iGEM 2020 for Korea_HS. This year, I joined the team again as a Team Advisor! I am truly honored to be a part of this year’s team. My primary responsibility was to help with the general process of the competition by giving detailed advice to each team. Additionally, my ultimate goal was to help each individual reach their full potential in order to produce synergy within the team. Thank you, everyone, for this great opportunity!
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