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Synthetic Biology Online Educational Word Games

We have created our version of three digital word games related to biology and genetics concepts, namely:
  -  Crossword
  -  Quiz
  -  Hangman
You can play the games via the Integrated TODOEducational Portal.


The learner is presented with an online crossword canvas and definitions for each of the hidden words.

Figure 1:Crossword game.

There are four options in the process of the game:
  -  Clear all: All the letters typed are cleared in order to start the game with a clear board.
  -  Check: Check if a word is correct. There is green indication for correct and red for wrong.
  -  Solve: Shows the solution of the selected word.
  -  Clue: Reveals the selected letter (box).

Figure 2:Crossword game modes of Operation.


In the Quiz game, the learner has to answer in 10 questions, randomly selected from a larger pool of probable questions. There are four options for each question with only one being correct. Throughout the game, the player can see their score in the top left corner, and the progress of the questions in the top right corner of the quiz window.

Figure 3:Quiz game.

Once an answer is selected and the button “Next Question” is clicked, If the user selected the correct answer the field becomes green, and red otherwise.

In the end of the game, a window pops up showing the total score. There are three possible outcomes based on the score the user achieved:

    Not so good. Keep Practicing! (3/10 correct answers or less)
    Okay. You can do better! (Between 4/10 and 6/10 correct answers)
    Amazing! Keep up the good work. (7/10 correct answers or more)

Figure 4:Quiz game probable outcomes.


In this game, the user has to guess a word by selecting a letter from the alphabet. When the user selects a letter that is not included in the predetermined word, the hangman starts to take form.

The selected letters (correct or incorrect) are shown with a darker color. The user has also the ability to click on the “Hint” button. Once this button is clicked, a description of the missing word is given, in order to help the player guess the word.

Figure 5:Hangman.