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Strategic Planning

Project strategy follows a holistic approach based on key choices and key components as shown in the graphic.


Most osteoarthritis available today do not really cure the disease, only slow down the effects. Emerging novel therapies based on stem cells show promising results, but the cost and time to application are high.

The proposed solution combines the power of molecular therapies together with characteristics of personalized medicine, and focuses on three main effects: 1) Relieve from pain, 2) Stop the deterioration of the cartilage and 3) Reverse the damage caused by the disease. Also, by using the patient’s cells we can avoid potential unwanted immune response, and thus make the proposed therapy more efficient and cost-time effective.

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Efficiently cure osteoarthritis, a disease affecting 7% of the world population, while being the 3rd cause of paralysis worldwide

Make Epione the Gold Standard therapy for Osteoarthritis

Core Values:
Innovation and Efficiency: NOUS believes that Innovation and Efficiency are two key factors that contribute to every competent therapy and more so, in therapies that are treating diseases with a global impact, such as Osteoarthritis. As an ambassador of the abovementioned mentality, the company plans to implement and build a solid Research and Development department that will constantly research to optimize the therapy and make it even more efficient. To make that happen, NOUS, will combine maturity of thought together with the brightness and ambition that young scientists are characterized for.

Make Epione affordable for every patient: We aspire to make an impact that matters! Osteoarthritis affects 7% of the world population, a considerable number, concluding in many cases in severe disability. By creating a therapy that is affordable to every patient, we contribute to making the quality of their life great again.

SWOT Analysis

Business Canvas

Our Corporate Organization

Specifically, a functional (horizontal) organizational structure with clear roles and responsibility areas will be required to support company’s rapid growth and to better suit the suggested operating model.

Also, the decision-making process will be based on a clearly defined structure to ensure the company maintains a consistent focus on achieving targeted results

Also, the decision-making process will be based on a clearly defined structure to ensure the company maintains a consistent focus on achieving targeted results.

Strategic Goals

In order to materialize the Company’s Vision, three distinct Strategic goals ought to be sought after product development, under the market establishment and expansion.

Strategic goals are the specific financial and non-financial objectives and results a company aims to achieve over a specific period of time, usually the next three to five years.

Following the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based), we identified three strategic goals, with a specific rationale and a set of realistic key success factors.

Strategic Goal No1: Development

NOUS understands the difficulty of developing an efficient, low-cost and reliable therapy for one of the most complex and widespread diseases, named Osteoarthritis. Because of this, NOUS plans to further develop the proposed therapy, researching and implementing it with computational tools, such as Aegle, so as to make a complete product, satisfying the needs of the patient but also the problems the doctors are facing.

The team has defined three key success factors for realizing this goal

Have a laboratory to continue researching, which will be granted by our PIs. More specifically, because of their field of expertise, we will have the opportunity to continue researching on a cellular level but also on animal models.

Have funds to realize the research needed on an experimental and computational level, which will be acquired by a company called “Demium”, an International Talent Investor, with their “pre-Seed program”

Have funds to realize Clinical phases I & II, which will be acquired by the “Seed Program” of the abovementioned company

Strategic Goal No2: Incorporation

NOUS understands that without the economical and networking contribution of a Pharmaceutical Company, completing Clinical Phase III for our therapy would remain in the sphere of our imagination. Because of this, we have already communicated with prestigious Pharmaceutical Companies in the Greek and European market.

The team has defined three key success factors for realizing this goal:

Have promising results of our complete product to present

Have successfully went through clinical phases I & II

Have a competent and exceptionally working team

Strategic Goal No3: Establishment in the market

Once incorporated into the Pharmaceutical Company and finished with Clinical Phase III, the product will be ready for its entrance in the market. The marketing department will begin to advertise the product in order to enter the market dynamically and commercial production will begin.

The team has defined three key success factors for realizing this goal:

Achieve a minimum market share of 1%, in terms of volume, in the first five years

Support commercial coverage in strategically chosen areas all over Greece in the first five years. These areas will mostly be islands small cities and major capital cities

Be the Golden Standard therapy for knee Osteoarthritis, after the five-year period

Strategic Goal No4: Expansion

After having established the brand in Greece, NOUS plans to expand its coverage to specific countries across Europe. This is an opportunity NOUS wants to exploit because of the fact that Osteoarthritis cases are expected to rise in Europe in the next 30 years, according to reports.

Within the first five years, NOUS in order to materialize the specific goal, relies upon the following key success factors:

Commercial presence in at least three European countries. A case in point would be exports to three European countries without a fixed contract.

Commercial activity in at least one of the above-mentioned countries. This could take the form of a fixed contract with an exclusive commercial local agent.

Participation in global pharmaceuticals conventions and events taking place in European countries, such as CPhI Worldwide.