Team:Greece United/Part Collection

During our project, for the execution of our experiments, we designed and submitted to iGEM Registry of Standard Biological Parts 7 parts in total: 6 basic parts (BBa_K3840000, BBa_K3840420, BBa_K3840040, BBa_K3840666, BBa_K3840069, BBa_K3840004) and 1 composite part (BBa_K3840312) which is the synthesized by the previous individual parts.

More specifically, 4 of the basic parts that were included in our project were designed by members of our team, while 2 of them were formed by modifying some already existing parts from previous years.

A short description of our part collection can be seen below.
More information for each part can be accessed by clicking on the part names.

Part Number Type Description Length
BBa_K3840000 Protein Domain Lamp-2b Signalling Peptide 84
BBa_K3840420 Signalling CAP(Chondrocyte Affinity Peptide) 66
BBa_K3840040 Reporter Green fluorescent Protein 714
BBa_K3840666 Coding Lamp-2b chain 1149
BBa_K3840069 RNA MicroRNA 140 100
BBa_K3840004 Protein Domain Flexible linker 30
BBa_K3840312 Composite SP-CAP-GFP-Lamp2b-mir140 2787

The parts that were generated by our team are:

 •   BBa_K3840000
 •   BBa_K3840420
 •   BBa_K3840666
 •   BBa_K3840666
 •   BBa_K3840069

Our composite part, BBa_K3840312, is related to the production of exosomes with a guiding tag (Chondrocyte Affinity Peptide) on their surface to target specifically chondrocytes. The exosomes produced are also fused with a GFP protein on their surface in order to allow an easy quantification, and they can also be easily located if their distribution is required. When this part is expressed, a microRNA (mir-140) is produced, which is distributed to the produced exosomes, so that it can be eventually released inside the chondrocytes.

The last two parts we used, BBa_K3840004, BBa_K3840040, were based on already existing parts on iGEM from previous years, BBa_K1486004 and BBa_E0040 respectively which underwent a codon optimization for Homo Sapiens, as our parts are planned to be expressed in human cell lines.