Team:Greece United/Entrepreneurship

Osteoarthritis prevalence rises as the years go by and according to studies by 2050, 130 million people will suffer from OA worldwide, of whom 40 million will be severely disabled by the disease. We are developing Epione to combat the disease and lessen the burden of osteoarthritis in the life of millions of people.

Full development of Epione into a tangible osteoarthritis therapy requires a long and costly process, including basic and clinical research, guided by a solid entrepreneurial plan.

Our vision is for Epione to hit the market!

In order to succeed in this endeavor, early in the project we enlisted in an incubator program and we are currently going through the 2nd phase of the 3rd cycle of Archimedes Business acceleration program ending in February 2022.

For more information concerning Archimedes Business accelerator visit our Integrated Human Practices section.

Demium is a Global StartUp Incubator & Accelerator that helps teams on the very early stages of their development, with a business incubator, a pre-seed and seed funding program. Demium can be the company that will help NOUS on the first steps of implementing its therapy to the real world, as described in the Strategic Planning section.

See a synopsis of our business plan: