Team:Greece United/Attributions

Team Members


Team Leaders: Nefeli Zikou, Jordi Kontis
Team Organizer: Nefeli Zikou

Wet Lab
Head of Wet Lab: Daniel Kotsi
Wet Lab Members: Daniel Kotsi, Jordi Kontis, Mike Sarris, Giannis Thymianidis, Alkmini Zania, Christos Mantis
Lab Members: Daniel Kotsi, Jordi Kontis, Mike Sarris, Giannis Thymianidis, Alkmini Zania
Idea Development - Experiment Design: Daniel Kotsi, Jordi Kontis, Mike Sarris, Alkmini Zania, Giannis Thymianidis, Christos Mantis

Dry Lab
Head of Dry Lab: Nefeli Zikou
Dry Lab Members: Christos Mantis, Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou, Evaggelia Maleskou, Mike Sarris
Model Design: Christos Mantis, Nefeli Zikou, Melina Zikou, Mike Sarris
C++ Model: Nefeli Zikou, Mike Sarris
CellDesigner/MATLAB Model: Christos Mantis, Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou
Application Development: Melina Zikou
Educational Tool Development: Melina Zikou

Web Development
Head of Web Development: Melina Zikou
Wiki development: Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou
Wiki design: Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou, Pavlos Chatzoudis
Wiki writers: Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou, Christos Mantis, Giannis Thymianidis, Mike Sarris, Alkmini Zania, Dani Kotsi, Pavlos Chatzoudis, Jordi Kontis, Nikolas Romanidis

Human Practices
Head of Human Practices: Giannis Thymianidis
Human Practices Members: Giannis Thymianidis, Daniel Kotsi, Nefeli Zikou, Melina Zikou, Mike Sarris, Christos Mantis, Jordi Kontis, Alkmini Zania
Webinar Presenters: Daniel Kotsi, Nefeli Zikou, Melina Zikou, Mike Sarris, Christos Mantis, Alkmini Zania, Giannis Thymianidis
Webinar Designer: Nefeli Zikou, Daniel Kotsi
Presentation Designer: Jordi Kontis, Daniel Kotsi
iGEM Meetup Organizer: Nefeli Zikou

Head of Entrepreneurship: Jordi Kontis
Fundraising & Entrepreneurship Members: Jordi Kontis, Nikoals Romanidis, Anastasia Tzima, Nefeli Zikou, Mike Sarris, Daniel Kotsi
Pitching Presenters: Jordi Kontis, Nefeli Zikou, Mike Sarris, Anastasia Tzima
Business Plan Development: Jordi Kontis, Nikolas Romanidis

Graphics Design
Head of Graphics Design: Pavlos Chatzoudis
Material Creation: Pavlos Chatzoudis, Nefeli Zikou

Social Media
Social Media Managers: Pavlos Chatzoudis, Melina Zikou, Nefeli Zikou, Evangelia Maleskou

Video Producers: Nefeli Zikou, Pavlos Chatzoudis, Giannis Thymianidis
Animation: Pavlos Chatzoudis
Script Writing: Nefeli Zikou
Music Production: Giannis Thymianidis
Editing/Video recording: Giannis Thymianidis, Nefeli Zikou

PIs, Advisors, Instructors


Eleni Kaldoudi: Helped with the team presentation to the public by consulting on texts, interviews, presentations etc. Provided extensive help with managing our funds, making our payments and meeting our general deadlines.

Nicholaos Glykos: Consulted on our model approaches, by proposing new ideas, approaches or fixes. Immediate answers to any of our problems or requests.

Margi Koffa: Provided us the opportunity to work in her lab along with lab supplies and consumambles but also the help and knowledge of her students and lab associates. Consulted us about our experiments design and backbone of wet lab approach.

Georgios I. Drosos: Provided us with extensive material on Osteoarthritis, and guided our first approaches to a cure.

George Drosatos: Exceptional help, support and troubleshooting in the development of our risk factor calculator application for Osteoarthritis.

Christos Efstathiou: Supported and guided the wet lab members during the experiments on the laboratory.

Outside Partenrs


Wet Lab
George Skretas, Research Associate Professor and head of the Laboratory of Enzyme & Synthetic Biotechnology at the Institute of Chemical Biology of National Hellenic Research Foundation. Advised us on exosome production and loading.
George Niotis, PhD candidate at Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion. Adviced us on MSCs and exosomes production and loading.
Fotini Sopasi Romanidou, microbiologist. Gave us insightgt on Technical and legal restrictions of a potential treatment kit.
Tia Tidwell, Lead Scientist at Translational Research sector of “ClexBio”. Informed us about microfluidics and hydrogel technologies.
George Skavdis, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology. Advised us on transgenic expression of pheromones.
Leivadaras Ioannis Application Technologist. He informed us about the life cycle of Bactrocera Oleae, (our alternative project through our brainstorming procedure)
Panagiotis Ioannidis Postdoctoral Researcher on Pest & Disease Control. He gave us a bioinformatics view of Bactrocera Oleae interactions.

Dry Lab
Panagiotis Tsimpos and Maximos Bolotas, students that created an exoskeleton in ACSTAC 2019, to consult us in the first stages of our idea.

Alexios Kontis helped us to build a fundraising plan, gave us advice and feedback on our business proposal, our pitching presentation, and on the organization of the structure of our fundraising plan.He also helped us organize the structure of our business plan (sections, content etc.) and reviewed and gave valuable feedback on the final drafts of our business plan.
Yiannis Papageorgiou helped develop the fundraising plan, the pitching presentation and the business plan.

Archimedes Business Accelerator:
1. Vasilis Siemos helped implement our entrepreneurial ideas
2. Dr. Giannis Dimitrakopoulos helped us understand the legislature concerning patents in the Greek and European market. Also, gave us advices about how to proceed on getting a patent
3. Dr. Antonis Livieratos helped implement our entrepreneurial ideas

Property Development and Management Company of Democritus University of Thrace: Helped us by providing an academic account to store and manage our funds

Human Practices
iGEM Meet UP: Co-organizing and co-hosting with iGEM teams: Athens, Crete, Thessaloniki, Thrace.
Democritus University of Thrace: Provided the opportunity and aid for us to attend TIF.
Municipality of Alexandroupoli: Offered much needed help and funds in the organization of Bio-Girls.

Evgenios Kalofolias designed our Team logo.
Anthoula Ifantidis consulted and designed dissemination material, promotion templates and collaboration material.

Web Development
Democritus University of Thrace provided us with a webpage to present our team before we had a wiki.

Project Promotion Video
Voice: George Thanos Stouraitis
Participants: Ilias Giannakidis, Charikleia Potouridi, Nefeli Zikou, Daniel Kotsi, Vasiliki Sonia Polychronidou, Theodora Thymianidi, Athina Dourdouni, Neratzia Afroditi Mprika Kaldoudi, Pavlos Chatzoudis (senior)

Drosoula Nikolopoulou is an ex member of our team that helped in initial stages.