Team:Greece United/Graphics

Graphic Design

Visual Identity

Our team’s visual identity focuses on simple shapes and colors. They are often used together in a variety of ways to illustrate more complex procedures and designs so that they can be easily understood from people that aren’t familiar with the field of synthetic biology. Our goal in communicating through our designs, is to keep them clear and minimalistic.

One of the first decisions about the team’s visual identity was to have blue as the primary color, as it is associated with intelligence, knowledge, calmness and concentration. Using this as a foundation, the team’s basic palette consists of different shades of blue that are used in almost every one of our designs.

iGEM NOUS Main Colors

Project Promotion Video

Project Promotion Video of team NOUS

The Project Promotion Video greatly portrays our Team’s goals and aesthetic. The combination of animation and live action video is a feature that was used to explain the problem of osteoarthritis in a way that would be easier to understand by everyone. Modern 2D graphics and animation were also used in explaining the solution and engineering. The goal was to give a simple description of our solution and the engineering behind it by using easy to understand vocabulary, while also keeping it interesting to watch with simple colorful graphics and 2D animation.

Dissemination Material

For our several activities we used dissemination material such as brochures and banners, to inform people about our team and project.
These materials were designed and developed by our team members.
Below you can see their design!

iGEM NOUS brochure - Front side

iGEM NOUS brochures - Back side

iGEM NOUS banner

Project Logo

Our project’s logo greatly combines our team’s Graphic identity with our main focus on the project. It was designed so that the main focus goes to the bone, which is a key element in osteoarthritis. “Epione”, our project’s name is also worth mentioning, because it is inspired by the Greek woman “Epione”, the wife of Asclepius, who was a personification of the care needed for recovery.

Project Logo: Epione

“The Adventures of Little Aaron”

“The Adventures of Little Aaron” is a 10-page comic book about Aaron, a kid that is curious about anatomy and biology, and Nous, the hero who is there to help him learn. This little comic book is an attempt to interest children all over the world in the field of synthetic biology using cartoon characters with simple and colorful designs, as well as simple interactions and explanations, so that they can be appealing to a younger audience.

You can read the whole comic below! Click to turn the pages!