On this page you can read about the companies who´ve sponsored us, and how they´ve contributed to our project!


We want to give a big thanks to SnapGene, who´ve sponsored a free premium license to their software. We have used it for all of our bioinformatics!


Integrated DNA Technologies have sponsored pretty much all of our genes. They have produced all our oligoes and most of our biobricks. A big thanks to IDT for this!


We would also like to thank Twist. They have produced some of our biobricks!

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk has sponsored our project and thereby helped to make it possible! A big thanks to Novo Nordisk for this!


This year Ampliqon has sponsored enzymes to our project. We want to thank them for this contribution to PsiloAid!

Amplexa Genetics

Amplexa genetics has sponsored our project with sequencing, so we want to thank them for their contribution to PsiloAid and helpfulness with tight deadlines!