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Fun Learning

Fun Learning

On this page, we explain how we’ve ensured that learning about mental health, manufacturing of psilocybin, and the potential use of psilocybin is a fun process

Fun Learning through Gamification of Conversations

Depression is a widespread mental illness, the stigma surrounding conversations about suffering from depression is also widespread. This is why we created a fun and engaging way to learn about synthetic biology and mental health. To accomplish this, we developed a card game that is played by having a reflective and meaningful conversation about depression with your family, friends, colleagues and people suffering from depression themselves. We call it “Depressured: A Conversation Game”.

The card game was developed in collaboration with two other iGEM teams (Moscow & NCKU Taiwan), and we have divided it into a base game and three expansion packs for each team. Read more about the collaboration here.

The base game contains 60 cards: 20 cards with reflective conversation exercises about depression, 20 fact cards to increase knowledge about depression and treatment, and 20 cards about finding resources and taking care of yourself if you suffer from depression. Each expansion includes 20 new cards specific to each project.

The card game aims to reduce the social stigma surrounding depression by engaging in meaningful conversations with others. Furthermore, the aim is to engage people who do not suffer from depression to reflect on their attitudes and knowledge.

Even after the end of this project, we plan to distribute this card game to young adults and adults suffering from experiences of loneliness and depression.