On this page you can read about how we have strived to making our iGEM project inclusive on several aspects.

We desire to be inclusive to the public, which we believe is an essential aspect of iGEM.

We chose our project based on wanting to help the many people suffering from depression. Through our entire process of doing the project, we wanted to be inclusive of people who have mental illnesses. We have found it important to provide information about potential helplineson our wiki in connection with mental illness because we wish to make the process of seeking the information as easy as possible for the readers of our wiki.

Furthermore, we have thought about making our wiki accessible to colourblind people, which is why we have made sure not to mix the colours red and green. At the same time, we have made sure not to utilise contrast colours in interaction to ensure that our wiki is accessible to elderly people who might have this weak point.

We wish not to exclude anyone based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political views, skin, colour, occupation, or handicap. Our project and this wiki must be inclusive to everyone.