On this page, you can read more about our work towards a nomination within Best Education.

Our chosen topics

We have made three educational tools as our contribution to the development of new opportunities to include people and expand their knowledge of synthetic biology. Through the positive feedback we have learned that the compendium was understandable and very interesting for the students.


We have created a compendium a compendium which is aimed at helping people get familiar with the theoretical and practical aspects of synthetic biology. We organized an educational day for high school students where synthetic biology, iGEM and PsiloAid were the primary focus. The positive feedback from the event showed that the compendium could be used with little to no laboratory experience and inspired us to encourage high schools to use our compendium as a part of their teaching. Below a slide show with the feedback can be seen.

Depressured: A conversation game

As a part of our project, we focused on breaking down the taboo surrounding depression by establish a dialogue about it. In collaboration with the iGEM teams Moscow and NCKU Taiwan we have made the conversation game, Depressured, which helps facilitate healthy conversions about depression and how synthetic biology can be a useful tool in developing improved treatment options.


Through our podcast series called PsiloCast, we brought our audience along on our journey to acquire knowledge. In the different episodes we focused on synthetic biology, depression and PsiloAid, respectively, by talked to different experts and people. In the podcasts we both share and obtain knowledge in a process we like to think of as teaching by learning.