This page makes it easier to explore which medal criteria we have met and how we have achieved them!

Bronze Criteria

Criterium Description Read more
1 Competition Deliverables We have produced a presentation video, filled out a judging form and created the very wiki, that you are reading this on! Link to our presentation video will be available soon!
2 Attributions To applaud everyone that has been involved in our project, we have a page on our wiki where we´ve written about who they are, what they do and how they´ve contributed to PsiloAid. You can read all about them right here
3 Project Description To remain focused on our goal, we wrote a project description at the beginning of our iGEM-journey. This also function as an abstract of our entire project, so others can easily learn what we´ve been working on. Take a closer look at our project description here
4 Contribution We have added and characterized a medium constitutive promoter called T7Lac. Read all about it on our contribution page right here

Silver Criteria

Criterium Description Read more
1 Engineering Success We demonstrated engineering success in our design of psiD, psiK and psiM and their ability to produce psilocybin – both from 4-hydroxyindole and de novo. You can read more about it here
2 Collaboration During our time as iGEM´ers, we have collaborated with a lot of other teams. Small and big collaborations included! If you want to know more about this, click here
3 Human Practices We have reached out to quite a few people to learn more about our project and gain insights to make it better! Furthermore, we have also created a questionnaire, made a podcast and considered the ethics of our project to determine whether it is, in fact, good for the world. Read more about all of this right here
4 Proposed Implementation To figure out how our project could be more than an iGEM-project, we made a Business Canvas Model for PsiloAid. This led to a whole business plan. See the model on our proposed implementations page here

Gold Criteria

Criterium Description Read more
1 Integrated Human Practices All of our interviews gave us great insights that we integrated into our project. We also got a lot of feedback from different sources that we used to make our project better. Explore how we integrated key insights and made our project better here
2 Improvement of an existing part We took on this project inspired by another iGEM-project, namely the 2019 team from Sydney! We picked up where they left of and worked with optimizing their contributions If you wanna know how we did this, click here
3 Project Modeling We made two model; An enzyme kinetic model to find the limiting steps within the synthesis pathway of psilocybin and a tertiary structure model to find viable modification to the N-terminals of PsiH Check it out on our modeling page right here
4 Proof of Concept Our goal was to produce psilocybin in E. coli, and we succeeded! Read all about it on our results page here
5 Partnership This year we partnered up with the NCKU Tainan team from Taiwan. Learn more about how we collaborated and what our partnership entailed here
6 Education & Communication We created a compendium for High School students and hosted an event for a class to try it out! You can read about it and see the pictures from the event right here
7 Excellence in another area We tried out a few things that could be considered for this medal. First, we have worked quite a bit with the ethics of our experiment. Second, we have made a 3D printed bioreactor! To read about our ethics click here, and to learn more about our bioreactor you can click here