We go through the different media aspects of our project on this page related to audio and visual outreach platforms.
We have created three media outlets (podcast, project promotion video and team presentation video), and explanations for both content and rationality of use are explored below.


In our iGEM project, we decided that it would be interesting to make our own podcast! Therefore, we played around with our project name, PsiloAid, and ended up with PsiloCast. You can listen to PsiloCast on both Podbean and Spotify. We have linked to all our episodes on this page as well.  The purpose of PsiloCast is twofold; we wanted to explore podcasting, and we wanted to present parts of our project less traditionally. We also thought of the podcast as an opportunity to spice up our interviews a bit and as a way of our interviews being more available than just us telling you about them. We have produced five episodes of PsiloCast in total.

Episode 1: Partnership

In the first episode, you can listen to a conversation between us and our chosen team to partner up with, namely one of the teams from Taiwan. We talk about what iGEM is, each of our projects, and the problems behind them. You can read more details about the partnership here.

... and you can listen to the first episode Partnership

Episode 2: The problem

In the second episode of PsiloCast, we invited the Danish association of depression into our (online) studio for a chat. We talk to Morten Ronnenberg Møller about the organization and what kind of work they do. Furthermore, we talk about depression in general and how the COVID-19 pandemic might have affected mental health across the globe.

Listen to the second episode of our podcast The Problem

Episode 3: The solution

In the third episode, we have travelled to Zealand to talk to Oliver Rumle Hovmand. Oliver is a doctor and PhD who has taken a particular interest in psychedelics as medicine. He has written not only one but two books on the subject! In this episode, we talk about psychedelics and psilocybin’s potential as medicine and how the situation is currently evolving with clinical trials and growing interest in psychedelics. 

You can listen to the third episode of our podcast The Solution

Episode 4: Implementation

In this episode of PsiloCast, we went to Copenhagen to visit the Danish company Octarine Bio. We talked to one of the founders of the company, Nicholas Milne. In the episode, we talk about what the company does, how it started, and its prospects. Furthermore, Nicholas also tells us a bit about his hopes for the development of psychedelic medicine! You can read more about Octarine right here.

You can listen to the fourth episode of our podcast Implementation

Episode 5: PsiloAid

In this final episode of PsiloCast, three of our team members from different parts of the project reflects on the journey from idea to final product in an informal talk. Reflections about what it is like to work in interdisciplinary teams, the ups and downs of working in larger teams and what we expect for the future is discussed in this episode.

Listen to the fifth and final episode of our podcast PsiloAid

Project Promotion Video

The project promotion video was our first significant deliverable. In this video, we addressed the scope of our project and its relevance to depression. The video focuses on the consequent lockdown of Denmark following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020. It leads us up to the present day, with increases in depression and loneliness rates worldwide. Furthermore, we explain how psilocybin – a compound found in several fungi – potentially can be produced through tryptophane and be used to manufacture it to provide researchers and laboratories with a feasible and efficient way of studying the therapeutic effects of this compound.

We wanted our video to express professionalism, as we found the manufacturing track geared towards business and production. You will experience this in the video as we take you through our pitch.

Promotion video

Team Presentation Video

The Team Presentation Video was our last delivery. In this video, we aimed to develop our project promotion video further and explain our project, solution and project development in-depth. The video takes us on a journey through our whole project, from the depression crisis following COVID-19 to our psilocybin development within the laboratories to the engagement with society in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health disorders.

The video was shot on location and was developed over several weeks. We created the video with help from communication and media professionals. With the video, we once again aimed to express professionalism due to the manufacturing track.

Team Presentation Video