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Hello! This is team Kyoto from Japan!
Our project for this year is Flowerever.
Cut flowers serve us as gifts or decorations in our daily lives, comforting us with their beauty of color and fragrance. However, during the lives of flowers - from field, to flower shop, to people’s hands - they are threatened by a number of monsters, such as viral diseases, greedy six-legged pests, and inevitable death of withering. In flower shops, overgrown cut flowers are discarded everyday because shopkeepers cannot control when flowers bloom.
Though specific measures against each of these threats are already in general use; pesticides against the pests, chemicals containing metal ions (or worse!), all current strategies are environmentally unfriendly and may also be directly harmful to humans.
Instead, we set our sights on developing a comprehensive solution based on synthetic biology to defend against this significant loss of cut flowers.
In order to efficiently tackle the problems underlying flower damage, we plan to devise an easy virion detection system which utilizes CRISPR-Cas and isothermal PCR. We also aim to wipe out pest damage to flowers, targeting the essential genes of harmful insects with the aid of RNAi delivered through stems of the cut flower. In addition, we are planning a system to fully control the timing of flower blooming, keeping them fresh long after being snipped, by inhibiting the aging system with purified siRNA and a functional NOP-1 peptide. In order to achieve stable and efficient manufacturing of these inhibitor molecules, we plan to construct a fundamental production system in E.coli based on APP (asymmetric plasmid partitioning) and lysis control. We believe this new system will be helpful for many iGEM projects.
In the spirit of iGEM, we are looking for Teams that will collaborate with us to exchange opinions about each other’s projects, and work in partnership with us throughout this iGEM year (mutually fulfilling partnership requirements). We are especially intrigued by E.coli production systems for active biomolecules, and we welcome insights from any Team familiar with them! Please feel free to contact us if your Team’s project has anything in common with ours, or even just to share ideas. It would be great if we could discuss our plans openly and learn from each other!
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