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Human Practices
Our project “FLOWEREVER” started with a single proposal of one member who loves flowers. At first, we questioned, “Why flowers?” However, the more we researched, the more we realized how integral flowers are in our daily lives, and we decided to promote the project in earnest.
From there, we had a series of meetings. However, since we had little knowledge of the reality of the flower industry, it was hard to make a framework for the project. We brought our ideas to florists, distribution centers, and farmers where the problem is happening and listened to their opinions. After all these interviews and discussions with them, we were able to change our project to be beneficial to the end-users and had great potential to solve the problem of flower loss.
We also shared what we learned from experts about "flowers" with the public. It is said that the demand for flowers has been on the decline in recent years. In such a situation, this project is trying to find a way to make it possible for people to continue to love flowers, which are a natural emotion that we have in common. This time, as one of the activities aimed at promoting the feature of flowers, we would like to introduce the Japanese culture of “Ikebana” to everyone. Fortunately, we were able to learn about “Ikebana” from an expert in this field.
What you are about to see is the process of turning "FLOWERVER" into a wonderful project with the advice of people in the flower industry and experts. We hope you enjoy it.
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