Our team members
Rikuto Fukushima
Project Leader
Second-year student in Science
He is an essential part of this year's team, not only organizing the whole team as a team leader, but also playing a central role in Modeling and Human Practices. In another aspect, he works very actively as a Pokemon master.
Yuto Ueda
Experiment Leader
Second-year student in Science
He is in charge of managing the entire project. He has a great beard and strange atmosphere around him. He is a dependable leader that everyone recognizes.
Kento Tamukai
Human Practices & Experiment
Fourth-year student in Pharmacy
He did a great job at the Human Practices section, demonstrating his energetic personality to the fullest. He traveled all over Japan for the interview and gave a great contribution to the experimental team.
Yuki Kobayashi
Partnership Manager & Video & Experiment
Fourth-year student in Science
He is an indispensable pacemaker for our team by instantly coming up with the best answers in complex situations. His enthusiasm for science is unparalleled, and he always exudes a passionate presence.
Alexander Liu
Third-year student in Science
He is an ”all-rounder” who can do just about everything. His inquisitive mind about biology is immeasurable, and he always has a big passion for it. Everyone loves to see him talking about his ideas so happily.
Chisato Nishizawa
Wiki Writer & Experiment
Third-year student in Agriculture
She is thoughtful and her words always help us in meetings. She is such a goddess, but the only thing she is not good at is staying awake during class.
Momoko Hayashida
Wiki Writer
Third-year student in Agriculture
She is insightful, and her questions always give us inspiration. She is very cheerful and positive, so we are powered by her. I think her fluffy hair is her best feature.
Nao Tajima
Wiki Writer & Experiment
Third-year student in Agriculture
She is a great wiki writer who has brightness and calmness. She likes cats, and has a black cat named Roo. Her cat must be absolutely adorable, so I want to meet him soon.
Yutaro Ikeda
Modeling & Hardware
Third-year student in Science
He can easily put complex biological phenomena into mathematical models. His brilliance is like that of a mad scientist. If you have any questions about the dry part, ask him and he will answer in a flash. As a side note, he loves Coca-Cola.
Chihiro Goya
Accounting & Experiment
Second-year student in Medicine
She is always observing and caring about team members. She also sets her own goals for success as a doctor, and works steadily to achieve them. She is an excellent experimenter, and her occasional unexpected gestures are a charming point.
Hibiki Tamura
Human Practices
Second-year student in Medicine
She has a deep knowledge of biology, even though she studied it by herself. She is very eager in her core interest and always makes us surprised by her speed and quality of completing her tasks.
Hiroto Koga
Second-year student in Science
He has made almost all of the antibacterial peptides for this year’s project. Without him, our project would not have come this far. During the meeting, he gave sharp and novel opinions with his charming Kyushu dialect.
Kaho Tanaka
Software & Modeling
Second-year student in Engineering
She has contributed greatly to the Software and Modeling section with her fabulous skills. She loves Doraemon, and her technical skills were like a secret tool for us.
Kodai Shiotsu
Second-year student in Science
He is a member of the experimental team and contributed greatly to the assay part of the project. His experience in kendo and chanbara (both of them are Japanese traditional martial arts) has given him an ancient Japanese "Bushido" spirit.
Ryotaro Hirota
Second-year student in Science
He has a very deep knowledge of biology and gives very accurate comments. He also has a lot of hobbies, such as table tennis and video games. By the way, he is a very strong drinker.
Saki Kawakami
Video Director
Second-year student in Agriculture
She is an attractive girl who has kindness, mysterious atmosphere and boldness. If you have any problems, go ask for help, and you will be "intoxicated" by her deep philosophical words.
Taiyo Hayashi
Wiki Designer
Second-year student in Science
He is good at mathematical biology and does competitive programming. He is a wiki creator and did great jobs in wiki construction and as you can see, he has a fantastic sense in designing.
Ayumi Morita
Human Practices
First-year student in Medicine
She has a great smile and is very friendly, so even when I first met her, I felt like I was talking to a classmate from elementary school. She likes Japanese classics, so it would be fun if I could walk around fine tourist spots in Kyoto with her.
Kaho Maeta
Human Practices
First-year student in Agriculture
She is kind, courteous, and passionate. She actively participated in many parts of the project and the materials such as wiki sentences are carefully written in detail and always help us.
Kazuyoshi Nakaji
First-year student in Science
He watches how his seniors experiment and studies the process of experiments. He is so passionate. I think he is one of the most competent people in the world.
Ryusei Hayamatsu
First-year student in Agriculture
His charm point is his friendly smile. He is a little careless, but that is also his charm, because it's adorable. He often makes us laugh by saying unexpected things.
Makoto Kitabatake
Main PI
He always helps us with an unfathomable love and kindness. He has saved our team many times by giving us fantastic advice. We can't thank him enough.
Knut Woltjen
Secondary PI
He has helped us in many stages of the project, from its inception to the present.Without him, the quality of our project would have been very different. We really appreciate his support.