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Osteoarthritis risk calculator

NOUS team created a new OA risk calculator that uses medical evidence from recent high evidence level medical publications. The NOUS OA Risk Calculator is expandable and can include new risk evidence when this is published.

The tool is based on the CARRE health risk ontology and expands the CARRE health risk database (CARRE is an EU FP7 ICT project, Contract No. 611140,

The Osteoarthritis Risk Calculator is available online. The citizen can visit the page anonymously and provide a few personal details (related to occupation, hobbies, musculoskeletal injuries, and common health conditions and behaviours). The information is used against the available evidence coded into the dynamic risk repository to determine whether the person satisfies any of the conditions for osteoarthritis risk, based on the medical evidence encoded in the dynamic risk repository. If any risk is identified, the likelihood (or odds) of getting osteoarthritis is presented together with the causing agent or exposure and the pointer to the scientific publication presenting the respective evidence.

Use the NOUS OA Risk Calculator AEGLE is available online at our Dry Lab page or at

We have created a short video to show the experience of using the osteoarthritis risk calculator. Our code and documentation is available on the team’s github Learn more about the software and the medical evidence behind the tool here.