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Educational portal

The educational material developed by the team (comic book, educational games and tutorials) are integrated into a unified web portal. The portal combines diverse material to allow for different instructional methods. It mainly targeted for teacher-learner collaborative sessions and self-learning experiences.

The educational website was developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript code and is available in GitHub.

The navigation bar presents the four main categories : Games, Tutorials, Comic and Resources.

Hone Page of the Educational Portal

In the games page, the learner can select to play one of three games: crossword, quiz, hangman.

he next category, brings about a number of different tutorials that cover the concepts addressed in the previous games and more.

The comic category provides access to the “The Adventures of little Aaron” comic book – just for fun or to introduce biology and genetics to very young!

Finally, under Resources the learner and the educator can find pointers to amazing educational material provided by third parties, organized in 3 thematic areas: biology, physics and programming