Team:Greece United/Education/Comic

“The Adventures of Little Aaron”:

A biology comic book

“The Adventures of Little Aaron” is a 10-page comic book about Aaron, a kid that is curious about anatomy and biology, and Nous, the hero who is there to help him learn. This little comic book is an attempt to interest children all over the world in the field of synthetic biology using cartoon characters with simple and colorful designs, as well as simple interactions and explanations, so that they can be appealing to a younger audience.

We hope to inspire kids to learn more about biology and hopefully follow this path even academically, in their future. More than that we wanted to give them hope and reassure them that they can do anything they can dream of! If little Aaron can get inside a human body and play with the DNA of superhero, what is there that you can’t do?

We chose the comic format as it is appealing to young kids, but also in order to print it out and distribute it to kids that may not have frequent or any access to an electronic device or the Internet.

Below you can browse through the pages of the comic book!