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YouTube Videos

Synthetic biology is a relatively new field of science and not well known among non-scientists. Our team decided to create educational videos to help inform the public about synthetic biology and the iGEM competition. The videos combine sound, image and subtitles to ensure accessibility for all audiences, even with special disabilities. As we are addressing non-experts, minimal biology knowledge is a perquisite of our introduction videos.

The videos are also available on our YouTube channel and have been widely advertised on all team’s social media.

A total of 1652 views till October 2021.

Video 1. In this video we aim to explain Synthetic Biology, the main theme of the iGEM competition.

Video 2. In this video we aim to explain iGEM and the competition it hosts.
Also we talk about all the specialties needed for a project to be completed.

Video 3. In this video we tell you all about the meaning of our team name!

We also shared our Project Promotion Video. In our video we simply describe the problem of Osteoarthritis and our proposed solution. We projected our video in various occasions, such as events. It can also be found in our YouTube Channel.

Video 4. Project Promotion Video.