Project Safety

Our team utilized E.coli strains DH5α and BL21(DE3). These strains are both non-pathogenic and are classified as Biosafety Level 1. Organisms of this risk group normally only have restricted risks and pose only a minimum threat to the wellbeing of people working with them, as well as on the community and the environment when released. And we do not release any modified organisms into the environment.

Lab Safety

In the lab, we have standard fire and earthquake safety measures. For biological safety, we have an eye wash station, an autoclave, and a safety hood with working HEPA filters. In addition, we use bleach to sterilize used bacteria cultures. We are also equipped with a glass-only waste container, protective gloves, lab coats, and safety goggles. All team members who worked in the laboratory received safety trainings by our supervisor Shaobin Guo. We wore lab coats and gloves whenever we performed experiments in lab. Masks were also wore to protect ourselves, and bacteria experiments were carried out in the biosafety cabinet. Toxic chemicals were handled in a safety hood.