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means they played significant roles in this task.
✓means they helped with this task.

Project Design: Our Pi, Shaobin Guo held a meeting with all team members to brainstorm and discuss the theme of our project. Then everyone shared his or her project ideas. Shanyu Huang’s idea about the depression and optogenetic control was voted to be our provisional project. When the theme of project was decided, Shaobin Guo and Huimin Zhang assigned tasks to everyone to find more information on the key biological elements and modules. Shaobin Guo, Jingjing Lin and Huimin Zhang verified the source of every biological parts. After that, Jingjing Lin made a plan about the basic experimental processes and taught basic experimental protocols.

Experiment: We divided the project into four parts. Xinyue Zhuang and Sipeng Chen are mainly responsible for the light module and the optogenetic switch module; Huimin Zhang, Ziqing Liu and Shanyu Huang are mainly responsible for the GABA module; while Shiyang Jiang and Jiale Hong are mainly responsible for the lysis module. All the specific experimental plans and procedures are supervised by Jingjing Lin. At the same time, she gave everyone basic trainings on lab safety and experimental protocols.

Human Practice: Jiale Hong, Huimin Zhang, and Shaobin Guo worked together to develop our team’s HP plan. Jiale Hong is our team’s HP leader. He is responsible for the operation of our team's Bilibili account, WeChat official account, and mailbox. At the same time, he is also the photographer of our team, taking photos to record moments of our team. Ziqing Liu is mainly responsible for our team’s questionnaire. Shaobin Guo, Huimin Zhang, Jiale Hong, and Shanyu Huang went to the hospital to visit and interview doctors of the Psychology Department to learn more about depression from the perspective of clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Collaboration: Huimin Zhang got in touch with the captains of our partners and made a collaboration plan together. Jiale Hong discussed the processes before the meetings with HP leaders from other teams and discussed the details of the collaboration plan. Xinyue Zhuang is responsible for timely communication with NUDT-China on experiments, and at the same time made posters with FAFU-China. Ziqing Liu maintains communication with NUDT-China on the set-up of the questionnaire. Danyan Li keeps in touch with NNU-China, NUDT-China, LZU-China, etc. on the cell factory comic book. Sipeng Chen maintains friendly communication with FAFU-China on experiments. Our wiki members maintain regular communication with NUDT-China and FAFU-China in wiki page creation.

Models: Shaobin Guo, Huimin Zhang, and Sipeng Chen discussed the framework and plan of modeling.

Presentation: Huimin Zhang gave presentations at different locations for our team. Shiyang Jiang assisted with the preparation of slides.

Wiki: Chenjun Gong is our team’s wiki leader. Chenjun Gong and Shanyu Huang are mainly responsible for building the entire FZU-China wiki page. While Danyan Li and Lingsang Sheng decorate our wiki pages using their drawing talents. And our team’s student leader, Huimin Zhang, give helpful suggestions on the design of our wiki.


General Support

We would like to give a BIG round of applause to our PI Shaobin Guo and instructor Jingjing Lin, for their generous and unconditional help and support. They help us communicate with the leaders of our school and department. We also want to thank the College of Biological Science and Engineering and Fuzhou University for providing funding for our iGEM competition.

Lab Support

◆Our PI, Dr. Guo provided us with the experimental platform, materials, and equipment. He also provided theoretical guidance.
◆Our instructor, Jingjing Lin arranged the overall experimental plan. She also helped us formulate the experimental
◆Prof. Guozeng Wang, who provided us with some experimental materials.
◆Prof. Chun Meng provided theoretical guidance.
◆Our partner, NUDT-China, especially Dr. Xinyuan Qiu, helped us to solve some experimental problems.
◆Our partner, FAFU-China, kept in close contact with us in terms of experiments.
◆Zeqi Xu, Jianbin Xiao, Tianyu Jin, Yan Guo, Zipeng Xu, Mingming Zhao, Lujie Lin are graduate students in Dr. Guo’s lab and they provided helpful suggestions on experiments.

Human Practice Support

◆We would like to thank the staff of our University for providing an opportunity to present our work and synthetic biology to freshmen.
◆Thanks to Prof. Xianai Shi, as he paid great attention to our project and carried out some publicity.
◆Thanks to Jingye Lin, Linjie Shen, Jiawei Liao, Jianmin Yang, Jinzhi Han, Cheng Zhang, and Peng Lv for helping the distribution of our questionnaire.
◆Thanks to The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, especially Dr. Zisen Zhuang, Dr. Yipi Shi, and Dr. Lili Jiang for giving us detailed introductions to depression, and explained the clinical diagnosis and treatment of depression.
◆Thanks to Fuzhou Lakeside International School for providing us with an opportunity to promote synthetic biology, iGEM, and our projects to their students. At the same time, thanks to the lovely children who appeared in the skit of our project.
◆Thanks to Fujian Popularization of Science for promoting depression, our project, and our picture books on its official account. It is worth mentioning that our project has created a certain degree of enthusiasm in the whole province.
◆ Thanks to Fujian Association for Science and Technology, as it greatly helped us popularize depression and our project. At the same time, it helped us to distribute our brochure.
◆Thanks to Fuzhou No. 2 Middle School, it gave us a wonderful opportunity to promote synthetic biology, iGEM, depression, and our projects.
◆Thanks to Ziyan Liu, she provided us with a wealth of experience in making posters.
◆Thanks to Difei Ren, as he enthusiastically shared his experience in a presentation.
◆Thanks to Shan Su for giving us good advice on our Human Practice.
◆Thanks to Yu Hu, she gave us excellent advice about our questionnaires.
◆Thanks to CCIC 8, it created an opportunity for us to promote our project. At the same time, it created a perfect platform for us to make some communication to other teams.
◆Thanks to Fener Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, she pays great attention to the projects of our team and gave certain fund support.
◆Thanks to all the people who participated in our public questionnaire, they provided the most authentic and effective basic data for the development of our project and provided support for our development.
◆Thanks to NUDT-China and FAFU-China, they provided us with valuable suggestions and support during the implementation of our project.
◆Thanks to Changsha Science Popularization Association, it helped us to promote our project.
◆Thanks to NNU-China, LZU-China, NMU-China, NUDT-China, NWU-China-B, UM_Macau, Worldshaper-Nanjing, they all participated in the joint picture book collaboration.
◆Thanks to Muzi Design Original Office, which designed our team’s logo.
◆Thanks to Falayin Flagship Store, which manufactured our team uniform.
◆Thanks to Pureminhou, which manufactured our team’s flag.
◆Thanks to all the people who participated, visited, helped, and guided our project.
◆All the people and organizations mentioned above contributed a lot to our project.
◆Last but not least, we would like to thank the iGEM Foundation for giving us a wonderful start to the dream of synthetic biology!