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My name is Shaobin Guo. Currently an assistant Professor at Fuzhou University. I Received my PhD degree on biochemistry and molecular biophysics from Caltech. My PhD work was focusing on using cell-free systems to help biocircuit design and implementation in a Synthetic Biology setting. During my graduate study, I had the opportunity to help with undergrads with their iGEM project. My current lab is expanding the studies on this theme and I am glad to be part of the iGEM project as a PI. I enjoy brainstorming and working with undergrads and by combining my knowledge on synthetic biology and their audacious imaginations, hopefully we will create something special at the end of this project.

My name is Jingjing Lin. I am 26 years old and I was born in Putian, Fujian. I am currently studying at Fuzhou University. I act as an experimental instructor in the team. Every member of the team and I are equally passionate about synthetic biology.

My name is Huimin Zhang, a student of biological engineering from Fuzhou University. Also the student leader of our iGEM team. I have a wide range of interests. Batman is the most insane superhero for me. And I'm a big fan of 90s and 00s films and BBC documentaries. At the same time, Real Madrid and DFB are my religion. My beloved football team has given me the spirit to keep my feet on the ground in good times and the quality to keep fighting in bad times. My idol——Toni Kross, is an awesome midfield master, he is an expert at playing his own ability in the collective, also making the strength of the team play to the peak. This gives me some inspiration, and I shine at team work. I am imaginative, I always keep crazy about the unknown, and I hope that iGEM will be an important milestone in my pursuit of life ideals.

My name is Xinyue Zhuang. I’m from College of Biological Science and Engineering, Fuzhou University. I’m extremly glad to be one of the FZU-China team, who take mainly responsibility for Optogenetic Switch part. During the summer holiday, I have developed the experiment skills in laboratory and built the firmer relationship with teammates. In the next few months, we should make great efforts to enhance ourselves and have a meaningful experience. All in all, best wish to us!

My name is Jiale Hong.I am a sophomore and major in bioengineering. I like playing basketball and taking photos.As a HP,I do some publicity work in the team.Also,I'm in charge of the lysis part.I wish people know more about our program and make contribution to depression

Hello, I'm Shiyang Jiang, a 2019 bioengineering major from Fuzhou University and a member of IGEM team in 2021. I didn't have much experience in participating in the large-scale experimental competition for the first time, but I will work hard and seriously complete the experimental task. I am introverted and not good at communicating with others, but I'm trying to break through myself. My hobbies are very wide, among which badminton is my favorite. I will play with my friends every free time. And I'm also an old PUBG player. Those who are interested can come and play with me.

My name is Sipeng Chen, a student of Fuzhou University,major in bioengineering .I am a member of the team. This activity gives me an opportunity to participate in scientific research, solve problems and make progress with teamates. I hope our project can help people suffering from depression.

Hello, my name is Shanyu Huang. I am in charge of team’s art design, the creation of the wiki, and the experimentation of the GABA synthesis module. I have great respect for psychology and life sciences, which led me to biological research. My hobbies are drawing and being alone, and my goal is to be physically and mentally healthy every day. It’s been my lifelong ambition to devote my life to research to save people from depression.

My name is Ziqing Liu. You can use various words to describe me. A walking ENTP, A walking encyclopedia. A student isn't so good at tests. A dancer, A singer. But I will use a sentence. I'm a girl who is always dreaming and exploring. In this competition, I take responsibility for the gadB part and make questionnaire of our survey.

I am Lingsang Sheng, a junior majoring in Bioengineering. I am fascinated by biology and I'm extremely curious about the secret of life. So it's my pleasure to be involved in FZU-China team which is committed to Depression treatment. I am good at painting, therefore I will take up the design work of illustration. I hope we can achieve good results.

Hello my name is Danyan Li. I'm 18 years old and come from Fuzhou. Now I'm a freshman of bioengineering major of FZU. Painting, listening to music and travelling are my favorite. It's my honor to take part in this competition, so I'll try my best to do my best. Thanks.

Hello, I’m Chenjun Gong from the school of Bioscience and engineering, FuZhou University. I’m glad to meet you in this way. I’m in charge of the wiki part in the FZU-China team. My hobby is badminton and code-taping happily. I am good at women’s singles,and I prefer the front end. My aim is to be a programmer without the troubles of hair loss and baldness.