After getting the robust experimental evidence and clinical trial, ZJU_China focuses on the application and translation of knowledge to promote the systematic uptake of Viruguard research findings into routine clinical practice to help more HCC patients benefit from the novel oncolytic virus treatment. In order to know about the audiences’ willingness to receive virus treatment and further improve our Viruguard, we have contacted both patients and doctors in Human practice. We believe that Viruguard has the potential to be the first line treatment for HCC in the future thus we take it as our duty to propose the real world implementation and instruct others to use it.

User manual

To make sure Viruguard can be correctly administered and play its role to “guard”, a user manual is launched by ZJU_China to help patients and doctors better understand how to implement Viruguard in the real world. The detailed satety concerns and how we envision our audience to use it are involved in the user manual below.


In our user manual, we proposed the exact way that patients and doctors can use it. We hope that Viruguard can one day come into the market and benefit the HCC patients in the world. Further details will be supplemented to our user manual with more experimental evidences and clinical trials results coming out.

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