Good communication can boost teamwork and lead to better team cooperation applying to practically every industry, including iGEM. Through our communication with the real world, especially other teams, we achieved higher productivity, comprehended the roles we played in iGEM, and tweaked our work accordingly. This year, ZJU_China widely communicated and exchanged ideas with different teams participating in iGEM to improve the Viruguard and ensure our visions were not blurred since we were in the middle of it. Thanks to our allies for their assistance throughout our program for the entire year.


CCiC is a nationwide annual academic iGEMer conference which functions as a platform for exchanging fabulous experiences and adventures during iGEM competition. Through the conference we were equipped to make impacts to the iGEM community and real world. ZJU_China 2021 participated in east Conference in May and CCiC8 in August. It was our honor to be elected to the finalist in the 8th Conference of China iGEMer Community which inspired us to further improve our project and make it up to expectations of our fellows.

Fig.1 Jiangchu presenting our initial design in 2021 China iGEM Online Meetup

Fig.2 Finalist of the 8th Conference of China iGEMer Community

Fig.3 Best presentation in the 8th conference of China iGEMer Community


Feeling the importance of interregional team communication, we voluntarily held the first Hangzhou iGEM meetup to promote consociation between teams. Up to 7 teams from undergraduate and high school track signed up, registered for the meetup and presented their project followed by the discussion about it. The first Hangzhou iGEM meetup received great success and we hoped that this meetup would keep up and be succeeded in the future

Fig.4 2021 Hangzhou iGEM Meetup registration channel and promotion tweet

And for further communication, we invited HUST_China to visit our lab and check if there was any improvement that we could make to Viruguard as well. We were also pleased to refer to their project about hair dyeing. The mutual help and suggestions figured out the advantages and drawbacks of both projects, according to which we modified the laborotary procedure.

Fig.5 Team members of ZJU_China and team leaders from HUST in our lab


Through our effort, also that of other iGEM teams, we hoped we would reduce the international imbalance in biology education, and propagate the basic knowledge of synthetic biology to the public, medical staff and students of other majors. We took delight in helping people realize how synthetic biology was shaping our world. And through communication within iGEM community, we obtained precious experiences not only in carrying out experiments but in the critical thinking about every project including how it would benefit the world and possible hazards it might cause. With education outwards and communication inwards, we gradually actualized our committments to society and improved our research capabilities within the team.


On the Education page, you can see how ZJU_China 2021 focused on poverty-stricken families and endeavored to give them a big picture of cut-edging technology currently, especially synthetic biology. Both online and face-to-face lectures were given to make the resources available for all those in need. Also we got the opportunity to introduce our project and propagandized basic synthetic biology knowledge to people from all walks of life to guarantee inclusion in education. Our education job was widely appreciated by our audiences and we hoped that ZJU_China could continue to be committed to the dissemination of synthetic biology to the public in the future. Detailed information are shown on that page.

ZJU-China ZJU-China