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Page Description
Description A description of our project, including our inspiration, the definition of the problem and our suggestion, as well as the working principles of our system.
Model An explanation of the structure of our model, assumptions, simulations, data, parameters and results, used for our system design, for the simulation of its expected behavior in the lab and for the validation of our experimental results.
Software An analytical presentation of the computational tool developed with Nupack and ViennaRNA in Python (OSI) used for modeling our system.
Hardware An explanation of our physical design, structure, function and manufacturing of the device used for measuring the quantity of fluorescence of our system and for the analysis of the samples.
Engineering Demonstration of the stages of an Engineering Cycle (Design-Build-Test-Learn) based on our synthetic biological system.
Proof of Concept A presentation of our experiments and their results that prove that our project can function as a diagnostic tool for pancreatic and other cancers.
Implementation A page dedicated to how we envision our system being used in the future. Also, here, we explain how we ensured the features of our diagnostic tool comply with the guidelines from WHO and the European Union.
Entrepreneurship A page dedicated to the entrepreneurship development and business analysis of the project, as well as it's transition to the labor market.
Results The results of both our experiments and work concerning the project, including the plans we have for our future steps. In this page we cite a thorough analysis of all our results.
Medals A page dedicated to the medal criteria synopsis.
Human Practices This page includes the documentation of our interactions with experts and stakeholders, in order for us to acknowledge the impact of our project to society and vice-versa and to redefine its purpose, design and execution.
Partnership A page dedicated to the year-long collaboration with our fellow team iGEM Patras, in which we solved problems regarding our projects,and united our forces to achieve collaborations in all the iGEM categories such as Human Practices and Science Communication.
Collaboration A repository of all the collaborations we conducted with iGEM teams around the globe, containing events like Meet Ups, troubleshooting, science communication and outreach or even sharing iGEM thoughts throughout the year.
Contribution A page for the contribution of Thessaloniki 2021 team to future iGEM teams. Why our work is important for future iGEM teams and how it can be used as groundwork for further improvement.
Communication A page that includes documantation of our courses, webinars, conferences and generally our educational material on synthetic biology and iGEM, for both students and public.
Education A repository of our educational material and our presentations to several educational units.
Team Meet the members, advisors, Principal Investigator and mentors of our team.
Attributions This page includes a description of the contribution of each member of our team, as well as the acknowledgements of the help and support we were given during the competition.
Notebook A timeline of our events in all the iGEM categories such as Wet Lab, Dry Lab, Fundraising and Human Practices.
Parts Α page concerning the parts created by our team with their additional documentation. Each part can be found on the specific's Part Registry page.
Experiments Αn analysis of our experiments and protocols that we followed throughout our laboratory journey.
Safety This page contains information on how to handle potential risks that may occur when performing laboratory experiments and a assessment of the bioethical and enviromental concerns regarding our project.
Sponsors A brief presentation of our sponsors and supporters and the way someone can support our efforts.
Resources Table A list of useful links for iGEMers and judges, such as our wiki, software code, judging form, registry parts and manuals for both dry lab and wet lab.
Our inspiration A page dedicated to the things inspired us to create METIS; what the name and the logo of our project symbolizes.