Special Thanks

~We are grateful to the School Authorities of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the financial support we received, which ensured our team registration, for the lab access, and last but not least for their help with the promotion of our project. We would like to thank the employees of ELKE AUTH (Special Account for Research and Funds AUTh) for their assistance in financial management.

~We would like to thank iGEM Foundation and Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation of Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. (RCT) for the Impact Grand. This prize encouraged us to continue our activity and our project with more motivation, as well as ensuring our team’s Jamboree fee.

~We are thankful to Dr. Salifoglou Athanasios, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry with Emphasis on Science of Advanced Materials, Chemical Engineering Department , AUTH and Dr. Tsave Olga, PhD candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering, AUTH, for permitting and training us on how to use the fluorometer of their lab. This allowed us to complete the proof of concept of our project, specifically concerning the functionality and the effectiveness of our toehold switches.

~We are grateful to Dr. Tsolaki Magda, LND Lab, Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation, Balkan Center, for allowing us to enter her premises, her lab, in KEDEK to film our presentation video.