iGEM Meet Up: Greek edition

| Collaboration Type: Conferences and Presentations

On 21st of April in a conversation with the Greek iGEM teams, our team took the initiative to organise and co-host the iGEM Meet Up: Greek edition with other 4 teams (Athens, Crete , NOUS, Thrace)! Through weekly meetings and countless debates via Discord our collaborative online meet-up came to life and took place on 24th-25th of July via zoom.
In the form of a 2-day webinar it covered various subjects such as Synthetic Biology, presented by Dr. Skretas George and Ms. Bisia Alexandra in the form of 2 separate views on the subject, Entrepreneurship, by Mr. Livieratos Antonis and Mr. Bensansson Simon and last but not least Artificial Intelligence with a very unique approach. The first half concentrated on the physical brain by Dr. Poirazi Panayiota and the second the machine by Dr. Tsamardinos Ioannis.The webinar, also, included interactive workshops, such as Graphics Workshop by Mr. Nazlidis Alexandros and Mr. Chatzoudis Pavlos and a Medical Statistics Workshop by Mr. Karstidis Panagiotis.
One exciting part of our meet up was project presentations by iGEM teams with particular attention to troubleshooting! Specifically, each team presented its project and presented in a separate presentation all the problems they faced during this project developing journey. After these presentations, the other teams as well as the participants could pose their questions and all their proposals. In this way, we had the chance to get feedback on our project and even discuss possible improvements. Also, in our program we incorporated open conversation with Alumnis and old iGEMers a section called “a nBLAST from the past”, as well as our beloved Greek Ambassadors, who provided some insightful advice through their experience on iGEM. At the end of each day, our teams were ready to get into action with fun activities and team bonding games, such as "Never have i ever: iGEM Edition '', and "iGEM Kahoot".

|Starting Date: 21-04-2021
|Ending Date: 25-07-2021