Project Description

Why Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma?

METIS: A Toehold Switch Based Diagnostic System

Why a fluorometer device?

During our Integrated Human Practices activities we realized the urgency for our diagnostic tool to become available in Greece as soon as possible. Since in greek diagnostic centers there is not always specialized equipment for fluorescence measurements, we decided to design a portable fluorometer device which functions as a cost-effective tool. After conducting the necessary research in the field of entrepreneurship we concluded that the device will not only decrease the cost of diagnosis but will also increase the accessibility of it.

| How does it work?

Our device should be able to solve basic problems existing in labs given the following characteristics:
  • ~Plug-and-Play Software: in order for the device to operate, it has to be plugged into a PC. The PC allows the usage of a graphical interface which maps the locations of the biological material in the wells of the testing plate at the beginning of the process and provides the measurements to the user correspondingly to the wells.
  • ~Hardware: the device uses two computational units (Arduino and Raspberry Pi) for the control of the conditions (light and temperature) under which the reactions take place (Toehold-miRNA binding, eGFP expression).