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<groupparts>iGEM21 Thessaloniki</groupparts>

In this part collection which ranges from part number BBa_K3727000 to BBa_K3727031 we have successfully submitted 32 parts in the Registry, 16 basic parts and 16 composite. The main function of this collection lies with the toehold system it entails. Every part contains a toehold switch, a riboregulator, that includes two crucial areas. The first one is complementary to the sequence of a microRNA molecule, which in our case are hsa-miR-143-3p, hsa-miR-30e-5p and hsa-miR-1246. The second one is complementary to another part of the toehold switch molecule so that alongside sequences of our own design form a distinctive hairpin structure. The purpose of these toeholds is to regulate the expression of eGFP, a fluorescent protein, according to the existence or absence of the above-mentioned miRNAs. With this system, the expression of eGFP and consequently, the intensity of fluorescence can be associated with the quantity of the specific miRNA molecule.

Our team's favorite parts are BBa_K3727011 and BBa_K3727027. The BBa_K3727027 is a composite part that consists of the Toehold_Switch-30-5p (8) and the eGFP gene. This part produces fluorescence in the presence of the trigger miRNA molecule hsa-miR-30e-5p. It gave us the best results as regards to the fluorescence experiments and the EXPAR experiments. The basic part BBa_K3727011 is the Toehold_Switch-30-5p (8) and it is a subpart of BBa_K3727027. This is the reason why we indicate it as one of our favorite parts.