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Access to our Laboratory

Each of the members of RUM UPRM that work in the laboratory has had to go through a series of safety trainings that enable them to be there. One of the requirements is to have taken a written exam offered by our PI. In this exam, basic knowledge of security, emergency response, location of stations and materials within the lab, among others, are evaluated. After taking the exam, the answers are reviewed and discussed with the advisors. Tours are also made to find out the exact places within the laboratory where the safety showers, the storage shelves for the chemicals, the trash cans (regular, biohazard and for glassware) and the location of the SDS are located. Emergency exits and routes are always emphasized during the tours in case of an unexpected situation. Students who have not taken the exam and the necessary training are not allowed in the lab. In addition, the team always works under the supervision of one of our advisors or PI.

Covid-19 Precautions

For RUM UPRM it is very important to follow all the guidelines regarding the prevention of Covid-19. The safety and well-being of the people involved in the team is essential. For this reason, we have a fairly strict prevention protocol. It is important to mention that no more than nine people are allowed to work at the same time in the lab. All people with access are fully vaccinated against the virus. The use of masks is mandatory at all times.

Before entering our laboratory, the disinfection of hands and shoes is compulsory. For this we have a preparatory protection station right at the entrance of the lab. There is alcohol, shoe disinfectant and paper towel. Once that first protocol is finished, the doorknob should be disinfected. When you enter the laboratory you can find masks, gloves and a web log that is mandatory to fill out. This mechanism allows us to know who entered the lab, when and in which region they worked, so that we can have a contact tracing in case of any contagion. While working in the lab, it is imperative to maintain distance between people, as well as constant hand washing. Finally, when leaving the laboratory, a protocol very similar to that of entry is carried out.

Figure 1. Covid-19 Safety Precautions sign (top) and Sanitation Station present in front of our Research Laboratory (bottom)

Covid-19 Laboratory Precautions Proposal

Human Practices

The vast majority of the activities that we have carried out as a team where contact with people is involved have been carried out through zoom. In this way, we can guarantee the health and safety of the participants. The few activities carried out in person, such as our visit to Vieques, were carried out following all the protocols against Covid-19. The use of masks, social distancing and hand cleaning were mandatory.

Team RUM UPRM Safety Form 2021