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Human Practices

Integrated Human Practices

iGEM RUM-UPRM is compromised with involving the community in the project. By incorporating the ideas and thoughts of the public, we were capable of creating a two-way conversation. We educate them about synthetic biology and the problems we want to solve in Puerto Rico, while the community helps us acquire the knowledge we need. This allows us to have different perspectives while developing our project. Click the title to learn more about our Integrated Human Practices.


➜Trip to Vieques

➜Stakeholder Meetings

Education and Engagement

Being the only team from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean gave us the responsibility of being agents of change in our regions. In order to do so, we had to educate the Puerto Rican public on what synthetic biology is and what is possible to do with it. We developed activities that take into consideration the needs of every specific group we presented our project to. Click the title to learn more about our Education and Engagement.


➜SynBio101 Summer Camp

➜SynBio Week 2021

➜High School Interns Program

➜ßßß Zeta Alpha Chapter Synthetic Biology Workshop

➜CROEM Seminar


By doing more inclusive work we brought to our attention different perspectives into our project. Not only did we gain a new viewpoint for our genetic circuit, but we also learned what aspects we should take into consideration for the educational efforts we are conducting. We want to be able to create a safe space for synthetic biology in Puerto Rico where everyone feels included, accepted and validated. Click the title to learn more about our Inclusivity initiatives.


➜SynBio for Everyone: Manuals

➜American Sign Language (ASL)

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