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Student Members

    Our mastercook. Is bringing joy every day to the lab and cooks the best chickpea-curry you can imagine.
Camila Ballenghien
    Our angel. Was there for everyone, no matter when and where. Her kindness and strength are admirable.
Juliette Bellengier
    Our indigo expert. Did impressive organic chemistry things in the lab and enlightened our days with her huge smile.
Daria Fedorova
    Our crazy dude, who needs a cup of coffee to start the iGEM day. Without his optimistic and calm character the whole team whould have gone crazy long ago.
Clément Galan
    Our hugging dwarf. Spreads octopus smileys wherever she can and tried to implement German organization in a French team - mission impossible.
Sarah Haggenmueller
    Our creative mind. Brought our team colors, amazing illustrations and lots of coffee. This early bird knows probably every single designer and artist of Paris.
Étienne Lemiere
    Our mum. Not because she is old, but because she is incredibly caring, organized and knows the answer to almost everything.
Zoé Pincemaille (UTC)
    Our wet-lab machine. Could probably do a whole iGEM project by herself. Her determination is astonishing and her kindness striking.
Nathália Raquel de Souza Fernandes

+ Karolina Guzauskaite and Imran Nooraddin (only involved in mini sails)

+ Michael Sedbon and Abhay Koushik (hardware and dry lab part time members)

PIs and Advisors

Alexis Casas
Aya Gomaa
    Primary PI
Edwin Wintermute
    Primary PI
Ariel Lindner

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