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General Acknowledgments

We would like to thank the following people for their help all along our project and their support:

Center for Research and interdisciplinarity

  • Paulina Ejsmont - CRI lab manager

  • Hortense Vielfaure - Engineer at the CRI

  • Francisco Quero - PhD at the CRI, former iGEMer

  • Kevin Lhoste - Responsible of the CRI Makerlab, for your help on our hardware

  • Pierre Mengelle - former intern at the CRI in synthetic biology

  • David Tareste - INSERM Research Director, for inviting us in this lab to use the Zetasizer

  • External people

  • Drew Endy - researcher and Professor at Stanford University

  • Nicolas Krink and the Marburg team - for sending us the TB43 strain (iGEM 2015 Marburg)

  • Stéphanie Grisel - our contact at Promega FRANCE

  • Sarah Heiligensetzer - for her kind help filming the promotion video

  • Valentin (aka Pierre in our video) - for his participation in our promotion video

  • Alexandra Ting- Colorifix

  • Michael Burgis, René Inckemann, Cedric Brinkmann- our fantastic iGEM partners

  • Marianne De Paepe - Researcher at INRAE, replication deficient phages strains

  • David Faby- for your help on the wiki

  • Valérie Lerouyer, Responsible of the Biolab at Cité des Sciences

  • Carolina Lacome - Lab engineer at UTC, for our discussion on biosafety

  • Host lab and the CRI

    We want to thank the CRI (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires) and INSERM for kindly hosting us during our project, providing us laboratory facilities and insightful discussion with researchers of the CRI community.

    We also would like to thank our PIs Ariel Lindner and Jake Wintermute as well as our mentors Aya Gomaa and Alexis Casas for their help during our project.


    Safety & Security Grant

    This is the first year that iGEM’s Safety and Security Program, with thanks to Open Philanthropy, awarded 5 grants of $5000 to teams working on the possible technical advances in biosafety. Our team was selected as one of the 5 winners of this Grant (description below).

    This grant allowed us to move forward in several parts of our project. As an example, we were able to test various materials and pieces of equipment for our filtering system we would not have access to otherwise.

    Impact Grant

    To take our project to the next level, iGEM, with the support of the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation, also decided to distribute $2,500 grants to 90 teams for the first time this year. Our project was selected by the committee and this grant helped us to cover the fees for our participation in the 2021 Giant Jamboree.


    We would like to thank our 2021 sponsors for their help and financial support which made our project possible by supporting us.

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