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Following the previous years’ tradition, Paris Bettencourt and the other iGEM French teams (GOPS, Aix-Marseille, U-Paris, Sorbonne, IONIS, Evry-Paris Saclay, INSA UPS, Nantes) organized and hosted the 2021 edition of iGEM French Meet-up. This event took place online on the afternoon of the 11th of September and all the teams from Europe were invited to join. For the duration of the event, several activities occurred.

Project presentation by the teams
Every french team was given time to talk about their project, get feedback and comments from the participants.

Ee had the chance to welcome Manish Kushwaha, Elodie Chabrol and Patrick Torbey to present their work. Various interdisciplinary science topics were discussed.

Little games were organized in form of several quizzes

We hosted presentations, workshops and games to bring the different iGEM teams of our continents together. We want to address many thanks to our special guest who kindly joined us to present their work and talk with us: Manish Kushwaha, Elodie Chabrol and Patrick Torbey. Finally, many thanks to our special guests and to all the participants.

Cité des Sciences

“La Fête de la Science” is organized every year during a couple of days in early October so that everyone gets to discover the world of science and meet people working in different fields. For this event, the teams Paris Bettencourt, GO-Paris Saclay, Evry Saclay, Sorbonne Université, IONIS and U-Paris organized together common activities (kiwi DNA extraction), an activity for our project (staining textile with indigo) and conferences on Synthetic Biology and our project October 2nd and 3rd. Here are some photos of the event:

iGEM Brawijaya x Bettencourt

We had meetings and were regularly in contact with the iGEM Brawijaya team (Indonesia), that developed a great project based on the bioproduction of a protein of interest. Both of our teams had a quite similar theme around bioproduction and we collaborated through iGEM by getting updates from the other team and supporting each other.

Answer surveys from other iGEM teams

In order to learn more about other iGEM projects and help other teams gather data, we answered surveys from the iGEM survey page. From team Rochester NY on Sepsis, from NEYCFLS on masks, from Stanford on food-drugs interactions, from GOPS on endometriosis, from Athens on PCR and dNTPs and from William and Mary on orthogonality.

Postcard project by iGEM Düsseldorf

We want to thank iGEM Düsseldorf for this lovely initiative where we sent a postcard of our project to their team and received a few weeks after a package from them from postcards of teams from all over the world and were able to have a nice time learning about their projects and looking at their fantastic design!

Create a survey on DNA assembly techniques for other teams

We also posted our own survey on this page for iGEM teams to answer. The survey aims to discover which DNA assembly technique iGEM teams use to assemble their plasmids.

18 teams participated in the survey and the data served in our partnership project to adapt our prototype to fit igem teams needs.

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