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  • Overview
  • Health and Education Video
  • Social Media Collaboration
  • Taiwan iGEM Conference
  • Online Meetup


  "If you want to go quickly, go along. If you want to go far, go together."
  This year we collaborated with multiple other teams, discussing project experiments and models, taking surveys, and sharing our experiences on social media.

CCU X NCTU Health and Education Video

Figure 1. CCU X NCTU health and education video collaboration

  To disseminate the basic information of the vaccine and drug development to the public, we make two videos about medical research and the covid-19 vaccine with the CCU_Taiwan iGEM team. In this collaboration, we discuss and build up the content of our two videos together, it takes us a little while to finish the content since there is too much information we want to distribute to the public.
  After we finishing choosing the content we want to make, we start the video-making process. We are in charge of the dubbing this time, as our main target audience is the students studying in elementary school, we modify our tone to make the video sound more energetically and joyful.
  By concisely introducing biological knowledge, we are sure that all people can understand the principle of vaccines clearly, even the child!

Video 1. How much do you know about the vanccine of COVID-19?
Video 2. Life-saving Panacea: How did you get born?

MTU Social Media Collaboration

  We participated in the collaboration held by MTU. They decided to create this collaboration to get an idea of other synthetic biology project ideas. We decorated the image MTU designed and composed a caption description of our project theme. By collecting many teams' project ideas from different countries, this collaboration shows how widespread and global iGEM is!

Figure 2. Our design in the martina book

Taiwan iGEM Conference

Figure 3. Taiwan conference

  This is our first time participating in such a big meet-up. Almost every iGEM team from Taiwan join this meet-up and interchange ideas together. Including CMU, CCU, NTHU, NCHU, NCKU, and NYMU, we shared projects, raised questions, and provided opinions to each other.
  In the Q&A part, we first ask CMU about what method they are going to use to prevent the RNA degradation before it acts to their target. We found out that they are going to apply magnetic beads as the detecting method to reduce the detecting time, thus finishing their process before the degradation of RNA.
  We ask NCHU about the mechanism of PQQ stimulating plants' growth, turns out the PQQ enhances the conversation of lactate to pyruvate. Pyruvate is the source to produce ATP, thus can stimulate plants' growth. We appreciate their hard work in finding methods to improve their project.
  When it comes to NCKU, we ask them about biosafety. They said they will perform chromosome integration of the new gene into the E.coli host, which is more stable and can replicate more safely.
  As for NYMU, we ask them about the questions considering there are people who cannot afford expensive items. The answer is that they estimate the part of probiotics they use can be cheap for medical use since they have compared the prices of the probiotics on the market. Moreover, they can reduce the manufacturing costs of the detection system may be expensive for normal people.
  There are many solutions we've never think about, we learn a lot from all iGEM teams and will indeed pass down the knowledge to our future NCTU_Formosa iGEMers. Further more, after this meet-up, we're able to contact more teams for further collaboration, including our collaboration with CCU and more.

Online Meetup

Kyoto X NCTU

Figure 4. Kyoto X NCTU

  This is the first time for us to communicate with other teams. Both of us had exchanged a lot of ideas and knew more about the goals of our project. The aim of team Kyoto this year is to apply the findings of synthetic biology to the entire flower-related process, from production to consumption. They apply different methods to solve the problems.
group See the Kyoto team's wiki for more information!

Paris X NCTU

Figure 5. Paris X NCTU

  In this cooperation, we shared our projects and gave opinions to each other. We got many valuable suggestions from the Paris University team about presentation skills! Their project is about detecting cancer sooner by screening bodily fluids, such as blood or urea, for the presence of tumor-associated biomarkers.
group See the U-Paris team's wiki for more information!



  In this meet-up, we gave each other crucial opinions to improve each other's project design.
  Their project this year is about making an ethanol decomposition device to reduce the risk of high concentration ethanol. However, discovering the CUHKSZ iGEM team hasn't started to write their wiki page yet, we first gave them advice about constructing a wiki. It's is essential for all iGEM teams to edit their wiki before the freeze, so we're worried about their progress and promise to provide any help they are needed. Another main problem the CUHKSZ iGEM team is facing is about bringing their project into real life, that is, device design. To help them achieve the goal, we suggest them using the 3D-Printer to realize their design in real life.
  On the other hand, CUHKSZ team members gave us a lot of useful advice about presenting. We are a bit nervous when it comes to our presentation, thanks to the opinions from the kind CUHKSZ team member, we can finally found out our shortcomings and make our presentation more complete.
  Moreover, during the meet-up, we've decided to meet again before the judging session and help each other to ameliorate our presentation!
group See the CUHKSZ team's wiki for more information!

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