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  • Oral Health Education of Dogs Advocacy Survey
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   This year, our science communication held virtual meetups, operated a synthetic biology channel, and interacted with future iGEMers who will hopefully inherit our goals, etc. Science communication helps us share our knowledge with the public, check if we understand our project thoroughly, and making more people know iGEM.

Education Video

Figure 1. Team member Rainnie Chen editing the videos

  Due to covid-19, in-person classes are not allowed in Taiwan these few months, so we decided to put all of our efforts into making online courses, which is the best way to reach our audience and provide an easy way for those who need the information but have no way to learn. We created a series of online courses about the knowledge in iGEM and posted them on Youtube to reach different age groups in various areas.
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Online Meetup

Kyoto X NCTU

Figure 2. Online-meeting with Kyoto

  This is the first time for us to communicate with other teams. Both of us had exchanged a lot of ideas and knew more about the goals of our project. The aim of team Kyoto this year is to apply the findings of synthetic biology to the entire flower-related process, from production to consumption. They apply different methods to solve the problems.

Paris X NCTU

Figure 3. Online-meeting with Paris

  In this cooperation, we shared our projects and gave opinions to each other. We got many valuable suggestions from the Paris University team about presentation skills!

NCTU Presentation

Figure 4. Sharing iGEM with Freshman

  After pandemic in Taiwan slowdown, We hosted two NCTU presentations, one is an online class, another is an in-person class in October. Most of the audience were schoolmates interested in iGEM, many from various departments. After our presentation, we strengthened their interest in iGEM. Many of them want to participate in our course on synthetic biology and join iGEM next year!

Oral Health Education of Dogs Advocacy Survey

   Knowing that many people in Taiwan usually ignore the importance of dogs' oral health, we created an Oral Health Education of Dogs Advocacy Survey. In this survey, we alert dog owners that periodontal disease would result in systemic health problems, and take care of oral health is important.

Figure 5. A question in oral health education of dogs advocacy survey

   After filling in our survey, many people send us mail, asking about the seriousness of the oral disease in dogs and how to help their dogs maintain health. It was our honor to answer their question! We hope that all the dogs can prevent pain!

   In addition, to make more people know about iGEM and understand the basic knowledge of synthetic biology, we add a short introduction of iGEM, this international synthetic biological competition, and our project abstract at the end of the Oral Health Education of Dogs Advocacy survey.
   We hope that the people who filled in our survey can arouse interest in this area of biology and join us! Finally, the survey's result showed that 42.4% of people were interested in iGEM, wanting to participate, and 39.1% wanted to learn more about iGEM! We successfully attracted blood to become an iGEMer, making the world a better place together!

Dog Oral Health Education Flyer

Figure 6. Dog oral health education flyer(Chinese/English)

  After pandemic in Taiwan slowdown, We design a flyer to publicize the significant oral disease in dogs, periodontal disease. We give away the flyer to the people who are not good at browsing the web. Our small act can be the light, illuminating the hope of making dogs live a better life.

Figure 7. Sending the dog oral health education flyer
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