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  • Overview
  • iGEM Introduction Video
  • Experiment Conducting Video
  • Model Constructing Video


  The pandemic outbreak in Taiwan become unstoppable in this year. Although we're ready to launch an iGEM training camp for high school student and many public speeches to promote iGEM, we ended up cancelling all the activities due to the national level 3 alert(at the edge of lockdown).
  Even though we're disappointed and deflated about the situation, we didn't give up. We decided to put all of our efforts into making online courses, which is the best way to reach our audience and provide an easy way for those who need the information but have no way to learn.

Figure 1. NCTU_Formosa youtube channel

iGEM Introduction Video

   First of all, we make a video about iGEM. We introduce the concept of iGEM, what we can reach our goal by participating iGEM, and why we are so passionate about this international competition. After uploading the video, we receive many replies from our audiences, saying that they are interested in iGEM by our introduction, and willing to receive more information. These interactions inspire us to make more detailed videos about iGEM, including experiment conducting and model constructing content.

Video 1. Education Video- iGEM Introduction

Experiment Conducting Video


  In the Experiment Conducting series, we make many videos about important methods and experiments about iGEM, including PCR, digestion, gel electrophoresis, and more. We edit each video in short length to make people consume the content without any pressure. Furthermore, we are willing to answer any question we were asked on our youtube channel and social media, which makes the learning process more effective. It will be our honor if any of our videos help people building up their cornerstone of conducting experiments.

Video 2. Education Video- LB Plate Configuration

Model Constructing Video


  Modeling is a profound academic field. To learn modeling in a short time is nearly mission impossible. However, we DO have methods to help people understand the logic and calculating process within several courses. How do we do? Let's take a look at our Model Constructing Videos!
  In our model education videos, we teach students who study in junior and senior high school about the Model & Simulation concept. There are many sorts of model simulation software, including MATLAB, EXCEL, Python, etc., and EXCEL is an easy way to learn model simulation. Therefore, we recorded several videos about EXCEL graphics. Moreover, we taught about ordinary differential equations (ODE) and applied ODE to biochemical reactions. Last, we used EXCEL to graph the concentration of protein versus time according to the biochemical mechanisms.

Video 3. Model Constructing Video
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