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  • Overview
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Logo design
  • Project key vision


  The goal of our graphic design is to introduce our project to other people effectively and clearly. In our project, we apply various colors to represent different meanings. We believe the distinction of colors and shape will help the explanation of complex mechanisms and concepts. It'll be our honor if readers can absorb the information easily with the assist of graphs we design.


  We select Noto Sans JP, OtomanopeeOne, and Minion Variable Concept as our main typographies.
  Noto Sans JP has a clear and simple image. We use it as the main body of our description.
  OtomanopeeOne presents a lively and vivid vibe. To emphasize the vitality of our project, we select it as our subtitle typography.
  Minion Variable Concept is elegant and gorgeous, use it as our title typography will be the best choice for amazing ones.


  We apply various colors to represent diverse conditions and images.

  In general, Orange represent infection, oral diseases, and diseases related to oral diseases. Blue color represent clearity, therapeutics, and our dental bone. We will also apply other colors to represent different stuff in biobrick design.

Logo design

  After a long time of discussing and modifying, we've finally decided on our logo. Since the fox has always been NCTU_Formosa's symbol, using the fox figure to design our team logo is our inheriting tradition. The position of the fox shows a sense of dynamic, furthermore, it represents our vision of looking forward to the futurity.

Project key vision


  Although our project key vision contains much information, we make it concise at the same time.
  For the "D" alphabet, the middle white part is the teeth shape, indicating our project is about teeth health care.
  For the first "e", we designed it with the straight line and dots, representing the machine learning part of our project.
  The vertical line of the "n" is shaped in the Eppendorf appearance, which is an important element of experiment conducting.
  As you can see, the "T" is composed of DNA, indicating Synthetic biology.
  One of the next two "e"s is in the shape of a gear, represent engineering.
  The last "e", since our project is about health care, we put a medical cross in the middle of it.
  The horizontal line is in the shape of a bone, which shows that we make dental bone in our project.
  Last but not least, the "h". To echo with our logo and team, the foxtail is added to the design.

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