iGEM 2021: Mingdao



Team Introduction

  We are the Mingdao High School iGEM team, from Taichung, Taiwan. This is our seventh year participating in the iGEM competition, and we are certain that our journey doesn’t stop here! The tradition and legacy will go on!

About Our School

  Mingdao High School is a private secondary school located in Taichung, Taiwan, it mainly serves 7-12 grade students. The school operates under the International Baccalaureate, a system that is intended to develop students’ intellectual, emotional, personal and social skills. For that reason, the school offers countless opportunities for students to explore their interests in different fields, iGEM is of course one of them as it not only improves our intelligence on synthetic biology and the entire world, but also other personal and social skills like collaboration, communication, and reflection.

About Our Lab

  For our facility, we’ve been working in the BioLab located right in our school. First built in 2014 and renovated in 2016, it was designed specifically for genetic engineering, molecular biology, and above all, iGEM. It is well-equipped with, providing students with an on-campus opportunity to explore the scientific world.


Dr. Pei-Hong Chen

  Dr. Chen is a biology teacher at Mingdao High School teaching molecular biology and genetic engineering. He has been promoting and leading iGEM since 2014. As a PI, he taught the right attitude in laboratory safety training and general skills in a molecular biology lab. We thank him for everything this year in iGEM competition, in which he was always accompanying us in brainstorming, designing, performing and trouble-shooting experiments.

Miss. Hei-Chuan Hsieh

  Teacher Hsieh is a biology teacher at Mingdao High School with expertise in protein engineering and expression/purification systems. She is our second PI who is in charge of the school affairs for the whole process of iGEM competition in our school. She helped us build up an in vitro transcription-translation (TXTL) system. In addition, she went with us to visit professors and experts in the field of bacteriophage and pathogen diagnosis around Taiwan. We thank her for giving precious advice about doing research studies and our iGEM project.

Team Leadership

Hong-Lin W

Team Leader

I’m Aaron, the leader of our team. I have a strong interest in computer science and programming, as well as an enthusiasm for 3D printing. Besides distributing works among the hardware group and wiki group, I’m also in charge of the modeling of our project. iGEM is one of the largest projects and challenges that I’ve ever faced. I, as a firm believer in teamwork, always try to maximize collaboration, communication, and team spirit. It is my hope that our team reaches the ultimate success through the collaborative effort of all.

Syuan-He W


In short, I am a rather ordinary eleventh-grader, enrolled in Mingdao International Department. I enjoy diving into topics related to art and building connections. My role is to play the coordinator of the HP team and be in charge of multiple projects within the group. I'm also a part of many other departments because I had to deal with almost every wiki pages’ content. Although it was not an easy journey with all of the challenges, I found this experience to be meaningful as I persevered, doing things that I've never done before, learning from all the challenges I took on.

Wet Lab

Yi L

My name is Yi Liu, you can also call me Phenix. I am the head of the wet lab. What I like to do most at iGEM is hands-on experiments. As Richard Feynman said, “Science is like sex: sometimes something useful comes out, but that’s not why we do this. " I enjoy the happiness that the experiment brings me. It is my dream to become a Research Fellow of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. It will be my honor to be able to do scientific research in Taiwan’s highest research institute.

Chen-Hsuan F

Hi, I’m Chen-Hsuan F, one of the key persons of the wet lab with Phenix. In iGEM, my job is to discuss the experiments with Phenix and explain the whole project to other team members. With the experience of regular paper research and doing experiments, I learned a lot about how to do the research and what the scientists used to do, such as sleep in the lab to get the result of the experiment. For me, being an iGEMer is harsh training involving many aspects. Although it is tough, it is worth participating in the wonderful event and making lots of memories.

Yi-Yuan L

I’m Yi-Yuan Lai, one of the wet lab members. My main job is to do the experiments. During iGEM preparation, I’ve made big progress in my experimental skill and learned more about synthetic biology. Besides, I also helped with the web page and animation design. I’ve never had these kinds of works before so I’m really glad that I can help with them. iGEM indeed brings me a lot of bio knowledge and improves my scientific literacy. Joining the Mingdao iGEM team is the most special experience for me in my high school days.

Yu-Shiuan L

Hello, my name is Yu Shiuan L, one of the members of the wet lab. I’ve always had a strong interest in biology, which is why I joined iGEM.I was in charge of the school’s STEAM FAIR activity and also participated in the acting of our promotional video.iGEM allows me to improve my experimental skills while also teaching me how to deal with challenges. Hope that after all of our work over these months, we’ll be able to achieve a positive outcome!

Yu-Lun C

I’m Yu-Lun C, the wet lab member of our team. I’m interested in synthetic biology, as well as conducting experiments. Making the experiments and collecting data play an important role in the team. Though the process is full of challenges, I don’t view them as obstacles, instead, I regard them as teachers I can learn a lot from. Hope that we can achieve great success through our teamwork and communications between members. I look forward to this challenging competition, iGEM, and will do my best to serve the team.

Eric Shih

My name is Eric, one of the members of the wet lab. I have a strong interest in biology, as well as an enthusiasm for doing the experiment, which is why I want to join IGEM. Besides working on wet labs, I am also a presenter of our project. In IGEM, it gives me a lot of opportunities to improve my communication skills and collaborative skills, while we are sharing our ideas with other teams and companies. IGEM is also an interesting experience that can enrich our knowledge, by facing new challenges and tasks together. I hope that our team reaches the ultimate success through the collaborative effort of all.

Chih-Ting H

I am Chih-Ting HSU. You can call me just by my English name, Catalina. I am one of the wet lab members of our team. I genuinely enjoy learning bio-tech knowledge and doing experiments that are amusing and appealing to me. I love to interact with others and make friends as well. Except for doing research and reading papers, I am also responsible for contacting other iGEM teams. I appreciate what iGEM has taught me and cherish every moment spent with my teammates. Expecting to see a great result after all the efforts that we made.

Chia-Ni T

Hi, I’m Chia Ni T, a wet lab member of our team. I have a lot of enthusiasm for biology, especially the part of experiments. In iGEM, I got lots of opportunities to learn new skills and have the patience to finish the work. Also, it trains us to face and find a wonderful way to deal with difficulties. Thanks to iGEM, I derive much benefit from it and hope we can have perfect performance all the while.

Dry Lab

Min-Hong S

Hey guys! I’m Matt, one of the members of the dry lab team. Given my experiences with programming in the past, I contributed to the construction of this year’s wiki page as well as some of the related projects. I have always regarded iGEM as a unique opportunity to utilize my skills in an unfamiliar area, and this competition has yet to disappoint me. Bioengineering is considered a whole new subject for me, and I have gained invaluable experience from this competition. Shout out to everyone who gave it their all to make this project possible.

Yen-Kang H

Hello there, I am Sean, a member of the dry lab team. My main role in iGEM so far has been hardware-related stuff and making use of my past experiences, I design and 3D print equipment for the lab. iGEM has overall been a great experience and a good journey as far as I can observe from my fellow colleagues, it seems that everyone is working hard to get our name out there. Good job to everyone that has contributed to this project and keep doing what they’re doing.

Chung-Wei C

I'm Chung-Wei C, a member of the dry lab. I work on the wiki of our team. This is my first time participating in such a complete international competition. Although My ability Isn't at the top, I will take control of my team.

Tzu-Yu W

Hola! The name’s Albert and also proudly a member of the dry lab team at Mingdao! The wiki page along with the majority of coding-related projects are spearheaded by me. iGEM for me has been more personal than others because of the high degree of engagement despite having no direct prior experience with biology besides some school assignments. In a way, iGEM has allowed me to utilize my skills in programming and contribute them to a whole other area of study, opening my worldview to possibilities never seen before. Thanks, everyone for contributing to making Bioengineering possible!


Yi-Han C

Hi, I’m Yi-Han C. I am passionate about filming and communicating with people. I play the role of the HP leader in our team, and I’m responsible for education, collaboration, and film-making. iGEM gives me the opportunities to try new things that I never experienced before, like writing business proposals, managing external communication, and visiting governmental agencies, etc. I hope that our project can make the world a safer and better place.

Yun-Chiao H

Hi, my name is Yun-Chiao H, but normally others call me “Bella.” I really like to socialize with others. However, most of my friends found me quite cold at first sight. I’m an HP teammate and is also responsible for education and film-making. IGEM does teach me a lot of things, such as contacting other organizations or schools. Moreover, it changed my high school life as a normal senior student. Step by step, I hope our team will do great till the very end.

Yu-Jie H

I’m Yu-Jie H, one of the members of HP. I was involved in material design, collaboration with factories, and supporting the WET lab for some experiments. With talkative and lively personalities, great enthusiasm, and ambition in biology, I joined the Mingdao iGEM team and worked with my teammates. During the process, we faced lots of challenges and complicated problems, but after several revisions and adjustments, we went through the difficulty and made this team better. Thanks to those who gave me a hand while I was stuck in the problems, working together to finish the project completely.

Zih-Yun L

Hello, my name is Zih Yun L, or you can call me "chipmunk". I am a member of Human Practices in our team. Besides, I have a lot of enthusiasm for drawing, so my main job is to do graphic designing. And as a pro user of social media, I'm also the manager of our team's social media. We hope to let people know more about our team and the project we're doing. This is my first time participating in this kind of competition. For me, it is my pleasure to join the iGEM team. Finally, I would like to say thanks for all things I have experienced, they were really impressive for me.

Yu-Zheng S

I’m Yu-Zheng S, one of the members of HP. The work is mainly public relations. This is my first contact with this kind of related work. It’s actually a bit challenging because I’m not familiar with the practice at first, but then I’m getting better. I hope l can work hard with my teammates and also do my best in the team.

Yi-Tian C

I am Yi-Tian C, the one who is a part of HP. I composed the wikitext with other teammates. My foremost interest is learning new things. And in the iGEM team, I not only acquired knowledge of Molecular biology and coding but even social skills. By participating in activities with the whole team, I found that learning can be more than just a personal event, that is, group communication is also a good way to become proficient in many fields.

Hung-Chieh T

I'm Hung-Chieh T, I'm the marketing manager of the team. I’m interested in business and hope to learn by the iGEM competition. This is the most complicated and professional competition I’ve ever participated in. Getting things done requires the cooperation of every member. Hope to make everything the best with the effort of everyone.

Min-Lin H

I’m Min-Lin H, one of the members of HP. I am good at socializing with people. In iGEM, it gives me lots of opportunities to train the skills of cooperation and communication with others. In addition, I learn how to deal with problems effectively when we are faced with difficulties. I hope that our efforts can pay off.

Guan-Yiing H

I am Guan-Yiing H, a member of HP in this team. Mainly responsible for website text. IGEM not only taught me biotechnology knowledge but also time management because we have to spend extra time discussing topics, education, and other activities. IGEM does make my high school life different from others.

Chia-Yang C

I’m Chia-Yang C, one of the team’s HP members, my job is to do the wikitext with other teammates. I have known iGEM since I was in elementary school because of my sister and having great enthusiasm for biology. I'm always looking forward to having the opportunity to attend this competition and exchange ideas about how we can make our world a better place with our knowledge of people from all over the world. My experience in the iGEM team is a precious treasure in my lifetime and I hope that our team can get a good result!

Yi-Ting C

My name is Yi-Ting C. I'm in charge of keeping our project on schedule. The reason why I joined iGEM is that I have a passion for biology. Second, iGEM gives me an opportunity to experience many things. In a team, it is necessary to coordinate the different opinions between members, and this is what I'm responsible for. For me, iGEM has really broadened my horizons and enriched my three years of the high school career.