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Fresh Air, the clever heir

2019 Results for Team Mingdao

Gold Medal
Best Supporting Entrepreneurship, High_school
Best New Composite Part, High_school
Nominated for Finalist, High_school
and more

About us

We are Mingdao iGEM 2019, and we improve indoor air quality by:

  • Removing CO2: Our device decreases indoor CO2 concentration
  • Producing fresh air: Our device produces oxygen gas
  • Tackling the deficiencies of current air purifiers: Our device also removes gases such as VOCs (e.g. Benzene)

Did you know?

Facts about CO2

  • Indoor CO2 concentration is 3~8 times higher than outdoor CO2 concentration (~400ppm)
  • Increased CO2 concentration sometimes causes drowsiness, high blood pressure, and severe headache
  • Can hardly be removed by an air purifiers

Facts about VOCs

  • New furnishings, wall coverings, and office equipments will possibly result in the production of VOCs
  • Exposure to benzene may cause stomach irritation, headaches, leukemia, and even death
  • Can hardly be removed by air purifiers


  • A mathematical model:
    To determine the CO2 concentration exhaled by people.
  • An enzyme kinetics model:
    To calculate how effective our enzymes and cyanobacteria work together to reduce CO2 in an enclosed space.
  • An CO2 level simulator:
    To graphically and dynamically represent how the indoor carbon dioxide concentration changes over time.


  • Microalgae system as the air purifier
  • Designed through synthetic biology
    • Host:
      Bacillus subtilis 168
    • Enzymes:
      CA and CYP2E1
    • Product:
      Spirulina spp. as food supplements & fertilizers

Human Practices

  • Integrated HP
    • Brainstorming
    • Product design
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Education & public engagement
    • Biotech workshop
    • Public engagement
    • Public awareness
    • iGEM collaboration and conference


CAir™ and CAir Pro™, brand-new photobioreactors

  • Portable - can be moved around
  • Efficiency - have significant effects in a short period of time
  • Multi-functional - clean up indoor air, produce oxygen, and offer algae as fertilizers or food supplements

CAir™ Trol, an arduino bluetooth controller

  • Platform: an Android app on mobile phones
  • Display: the status of CO2 & O2 measured
  • Control: LED light, blender, air pump, and power

Phone: +886-4-23341797
EMAIL: biolab@ms.mingdao.edu.tw
No.497, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Wuri District, Taichung City 414, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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