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  1. IISER BHOPAL - Human Practices
    • We engaged virtually with the team members of IISER Bhopal, who were working on a novel approach for cancer treatment. In our communications, it became evident that we needed to gain an in-depth perspective on the general awareness among the Indian population about cancer, cancer therapies and their costs.

    • We began working on building a question library that would be pertinent enough to give us insight into the understanding of cancer among the masses. We further formed questions about oral cancers, their subtypes, symptoms, preventive measures, treatment courses, etc., to gauge the awareness level about oral cancers and OSCC. All of our work was reviewed by Dr. Sandip Kumar Agarwal, a humanities faculty member from IISER Bhopal. He urged us to make the workings of our kit available to the people filling the survey while using the most minuscule amount of scientific jargon in our text. We also carefully crafted our words and description to invite truthful responses, not just socially desirable information.

    • We took caution to ensure that the participants knew that their participation was strictly voluntary and the survey could be terminated at any stage. No question was mandatory, and the data gathered would remain classified. Our survey analysis was performed and displayed such that it adequately masked individual information and responses. To visit our survey report, click here. (add hyperlink to HP survey analysis)

  2. All-India iGEM Meet -
    • The All-India iGEM Meet was organized by teams from IISER Bhopal, IISER Pune, IISER Tirupati, MAHE, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, IISER Berhampur in association with Promega Corporation between 23-25 July, 2021.
    • It was a fun-filled weekend, packed with the right mix of synthetic biology workshops, talks, and recreational activities such as quizzes, Pictionary, and a virtual Dungeons n Dragons session with other teams! Most importantly, this helped us to know each other better and was a very enriching experience as we learned early on, about what categories teams are targetting and what they wish to achieve in this year’s competition.
    • Most importantly, it consisted of a virtual presentation session, where a panel of judges carefully evaluated our work just as we would be in the real competition. The judges were synthetic biology experts from India, who provided valuable feedback about our project, posed relevant questions, and told us what part of the project seemed most impressive.
    • Since it was held early on in the competition, we got to know about our strengths and weaknesses as well as about potential avenues for collaboration. We won the Best Project in the Entrepreneurship category.
  3. NIT WARANGAL: Business evaluation

      Our team collaborated with the NIT W iGEM 2021 team to validate their idea and proposed a strategy to convert this into a product. The discussion identified USPs, key stakeholders, markets, and devised a product based on their engineered substrate. This involved our business incubator team of TBI IISER Mohali for advice and proposed a commercialization plan for their project. Finally, we delivered a report organizing all of this and got to work on a possible way to monetize a new and exciting FMCG product.

      Looking into the business aspect of an idea in a widely different field than ours motivated us to expand the scope of our idea as well and built a lasting relationship with the NIT team. The analysis can be found here

      1. Outreach:

        • Since iGEM 2020, we have tried to help teams expand their project to a wider audience by highlighting their work and aims in our monthly magazine, Manthan. This year we contacted four teams from India - IISER Tirupati, MAHE, and IISER Bhopal. The link to the specific edition can be found here. IISER Mohali Collaboration Images

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