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NDNF-China is from Beijing. We helped each other throughout the year. They provided important suggestions during the early stages of the project. We, in return, shared the experiment materials with them, including the chassis Saccharomyces cerevisia BY4741. We also helped them design and test the RPA primer coded for barcode "NDNFCHINAiGEM2021" in their project, and we also validated their samples with Cas12a technology.

See NDNF_China's collaboration page here:


Because some of our team members are from SCIE, we had a tight collaboration with their iGEM school team GreatBay_SCIE. We work with SCIE students in the iGEM club on campus to give one-hour educational lectures on genetics and biotechnology once a week. In addition, we publish articles with SCIE on the official account to introduce our project and publicize iGEM. While running our social media accounts, we often communicate and offer each other useful advice.

Furthermore, we also worked with GreatBay_SCIE to publish articles in relation to their projects. A main challenge we faced was communication, especially when trying to explain and outline our respective projects. While it was difficult at the start, we worked around it and overcame it. For every article we published on social accounts, we ensured to always give each other feedback, regarding the general logical flow of the article, as well as areas to improve on. Through this collaboration, we developed collaborative skills and learnt how to work together efficiently and productively.

See GreatBay_SCIE's collaboration page here: