Team:NDNF China/Collaborations

Work with GreatBay_SZ

Work with GreatBay_SZ team to verify barcode functionality.

Our project contains unique information: the barcode of "NDNFCHINAiGEM2021" was edited to the genome of the E. coli top10 strain by gene editing. To verify that the Barcode we designed works properly, we cooperated with the GreatBay_SZ team. GreatBay_SZ developed a Cas12-based barcode detection system and was very willing to perform the detection for us. Finally, we successfully detected the barcode, which further proved the feasibility of the GreatBay_SZ team's detection method.

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Work with SZ_SHD

Provide final product packaging form for SZ_SHD team.

The SZ_SHD team wanted to screen keratinase enzymes for good hair removal and develop them into emerging hair removal products, so they wanted to find a medium that could maintain enzyme activity for a long period while can also isolate external contamination. During our communication, both teams agreed that the safe and stable environment provided by NDNF's Hidro could also be applied to enzyme preservation, so we guided the SZ_SHD project on Hidro's preparation and sent some reagents. Finally, SZ_SHD also obtained very encouraging results: Hidro is indeed effective in preserving enzyme activity at room temperature (25°C).

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Work with SDSZ_China

The SDSZ_China team provided us with fluorescence microscopes

NDNF_China has selected fluorescent proteins as reporter genes in the circuit design, so we need to use a fluorescence microscope for data acquisition when testing the operation of the gene circuit, but we do not have the microscope in our lab. IP of SDSZ_China has previously used a fluorescence microscope and helped us find a lab that can borrow the instrument as well as help us to collect important experimental results.

In addition, SDSZ_China needs to perform protein expression and verification in their experiment, and our advisor is experienced in these. We provided them with some help, discussed the steps of protein production, and gave them details on how to deal with protein samples and perform SDS-PAGE verification.

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Work with BJU_China

Assisted BJU_China to improve the project

BJU_China is a high school team that shares a lab with us. Our team has successful experience in gene editing, so we were able to provide some guidance for them. We exchanged some notes on gene editing and taught them in detail how to prepare competent cells. In addition, BJU_China produced Tyrian purple (which is a dye), and they wanted to make some jewelry with this dye. NDNF_China team included crafters who helped BJU_China weave bracelets with Tyrian purple string.

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