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Team Attribution

Team Attribution

Wet lab

Almost every member took part in our experiment except Cherry.

Human practice

Most of our team members took part in human practice part. Oscar and Ashley Li are the leader who put most effort


Our teacher guided and helped us to create a model uing Michaelis-Menten equation to find the best concentration ratio for cas12a enzyme to react. Alice finished the model content on wiki page.

Ashley Luo created Constructive Cost Models to estimate the cost of our product.


Hemolysis constructed most of our wiki page, Kelly also helped him to upload our wiki content.

Alice and Ashely Luo contributed most to our wiki content. Oscar, Kelly, Kobe, Koxui, Alina and Cherry all help our team to finish the content.

Art, video, photography

Ashely Luo is the director of our Promotion video.

Tanya designed our wiki page, and drew the background and cover of every page in our wiki. Alina also helped Tanya to design the wiki page. She also designed the packaging of our hardware.

Alice helped to draw some process schematic and principle diagrams. Ashley Luo and Alice Huang edited our photos, which show our experiment results.

Special Thanks To

Zong Yeqing, Li Shiyuan - For giving us advice on measurement and building hardware.

Chen Tanxiao - For filming all our recordings and capturing moments.

Xu Jiaqi, Zhao He - For providing us with space and helping us schedule our education events.

Chen Yiming - For showing up in our promotion video.

Liu Xinyu - For giving us suggestions in our business plan.